Back Online Slowly

Well, my previous computer ‘bit the dust’ and I now have a not quite new but definitely refurbished laptop.

While I am very happy about this, I unfortunately am only posting a short post. I can’t believe how extremely ‘fatigued’ I am because of the incident two weeks ago, but I would suppose also the sleeping issue which to this point has not been resolved. Ironically I was to have gone to the specialist the Monday I was in the hospital and it hasn’t been re-booked yet. I’m going to push a bit next week sometime if I don’t hear anything by probably mid-week.

My last few posts have been truly ‘self-involved’ but somehow I hope something written has perhaps helped someone else. So, I haven’t been reading much still as there is just no energy or concentration when I try.

I did take time today to write a letter and forward it to the local newspaper, and also to the people involved. …that is the Emergency Medical Paramedics, the Police, the Firemen and the staff at the hospital I was transported to.

They were from all accounts from my husband and from my own experience the kindest, compassionate and efficient people that could ever be. I think that they need to hear that more than they do, and be recognized. I hope they will feel appreciated, because they most certainly are.

I’m from Canada of course and our healthcare system while not perfect, is one that is full of workers as mentioned above and we sometimes take them for granted.

So, I will be popping in from time to time and hopefully strength will return shortly and will be able to get back to being in touch and reading your posts that I so miss not being able to do.

Thanks once again to so many friends who have uplifted me by thoughts and prayers and ‘virtual hugs’. You are very important to me.

21 thoughts on “Back Online Slowly

  1. You are the least self-involved person I know.
    I’m glad you are on the mend. I’m not surprised you are tired, heart and breathing difficulties tend to do that. And things have been intense. It was a lovely gesture of you to write to the paper.
    You have a precious heart filled with so much love.


  2. Diane – I have ben away awhile and not sure hwat has happened but I am glad you got a new computer and hope you are feeling better .. I will go back and read catch up. Glad to see you… take care
    and (((((hugs )))))) to you ♥


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