Computer Problems… Short Post

Hi… I’m on the road to recovery… just sore ribs from the CPR and very tired. I’ve not been reading blogs too much but tried to keep up with comments, but now I have another issue and that’s my computer.

It looks like I may need a new this one is overheating every few minutes so have to keep shutting it down. I have to get in touch with computer guy and likely due to get a new laptop.

So please know that I want to know what’s going on in your lives etc. but it seems for now I have to get well and get a computer also that’s ‘well’…. I’ll be trying to keep in touch when I can.

Again, thanks so much for thoughts and prayers that brought me home from the hospital…..

Diane xoxoxo

17 thoughts on “Computer Problems… Short Post

  1. Oh no Diane, I’m so sorry. I’m praying hard for you. Somehow Missed your previous post and seeing you write about CPR comes as a shock –
    Thank God you are alive. I hope and pray you feel better soon. Take care and keep fighting. Sending so much love your way xxoxox


    • Thanks Lou Ann…. I know things need to move slowly but sometimes the computer is a distraction when I can’t sleep…. (I still have my sleeping issue) I was supposed to see the ENT when I ended up in hospital…I forgot I can use my husband’s computer but it’s in a separate area and not too comfortable…. Oh well…maybe this is all for a reason…’this too shall pass’ …thanks for hugs….Diane


  2. Sounds like a problem with one of your computer fans. They are very inexpensive to buy but very difficult to install. Lots of labor to get the job done. Praying for your health. May the Lord bless you.


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