DP Challenge – Switcharoo

Prompt:  If you could switch blogs with any blogger for a week, with whom would you switch and why?

When I tried to think of all of the bloggers how I could narrow it down to one that I would ‘switch’ with, I  couldn’t do it. Everyone that I follow is so unique and interesting in their content.

However, because of my interests outside of my own abilities in writing I chose three with whom I have wistful thoughts of having some of their talent for writing and/or their knowledge.

The first one is Imelda and ‘My Wall’ .

Imelda writes such beautiful poetry of so many variations whether is Haiku or whatever. She has such a knowledge and skill accompanied by her wonderful way with descriptive words. She frequently will combine the poem with inspiring photos that she takes as well which enhances the poem .

I ‘dabble’ in very amateurish poetry but have loved to do it since very young. I certainly don’t have the knowledge but when reading Imelda’s I do admire it so.

The second blogger that I would love to ‘switcharoo’ with is Linda of  linda vernon humor

Linda has such an amazing creative ability to weave stories into masterpieces of fiction. Somehow she manages to make up the names of the characters that make you laugh regardless even of what is to follow in the way of a story. The Bible stories she relates following the intent of scripture but adding some humor or other insight as she does so.  I wish sometimes that I was one of her children because I can only imagine their ‘bedtime stories’.

I write mostly non-fiction occasionally attempting fiction, but find that it is not in my area of expertise and so enjoy Linda’s skill at doing so.

The third blogger that I would switch for a week is Kim of The Birding Bunch.

This blog is all about information of wild birds of any and every possible kind. She and her family are avid ‘birders’ which is the proper terminology for what most would probably refer to as bird watchers. I have gleaned so much information from this blog and often have emailed to ask questions that I need answers to. The reason I email is that most often the ‘comments’ are closed on her posts for personal reasons, but she is always open to answering anything that is asked of her. One of the links Ask an Amateur Birder at the top will give you the opportunity to contact Kim, but she will most likely offer you her email as well.

Having listed these three it is because of interests that I hold and sometimes long for the capabilities in these areas. By doing so however it is not to take away the amount of pleasure and interest I have in reading all the blogs that I do. I learn so much from all of them. There is also the encouragement and love shown by so many who I interact with.

So if I could ‘switcharoo’ with all of you for a week I would !!

17 thoughts on “DP Challenge – Switcharoo

  1. Wow! I was so surprised to find my page there, Diane. 🙂 Thank you very much for the honor. You do not know just how much encouragement you have given me. Thank you for joining my in my learning journey.

    I so agree with you about Linda Vernon. Her sense of humor and writing style are just so inimitable that her blog stand out for its uniqueness and creativity and personality.

    I will go visit Kim’s page. 🙂 I think birds are lovely creatures.


  2. Diane, I will like to have links to all those links.
    I trust your judgement and I will like to read too
    I love the way you explain your thoughts on those blogs. I enjoy reading from you too.


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