Another Short Post

I just felt the need to do a short note to say that right now some of you know I am going through an issues with ‘non-sleep’ and because of this I’m very behind in reading all of your blogs.

I catch a nap when I can but my body is so out of sync that sometimes I can’t even sleep because of being so overtired.

It’s a medical issue that happens when I lay down to sleep and so I do most sleeping in my lazy boy and having sleep apnea doesn’t help…

I’m just a little overwhelmed at the moment but I see specialist June 3rd so hopefully some answers…

I know I didn’t have to do this but it just bothers me that you may think I’m not interested in your blogs anymore. I value all of the friends that I interact with…. Thanks !….   Diane



28 thoughts on “Another Short Post

  1. God bless you – I pray for healing for your sleep disorder. My DH also suffered for years with fatigue and the doctors and specialists never could figure it why. Wish I had answers for you, but I do have prayers for you. Hugs… Patty


  2. You are so sweet, Diane. I hope you get better soon. It is hard when one is unable to sleep well. I have been having headaches form lack of a good sleep . I can only imagine how worse it may be for you. 🙂


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