Another Computer Bug Bites the Dust

Well, this issue of no new post notifications is solved….well kinda!

My email account for my blogs is ‘hotmail’ and all hotmail accounts have or will be automatically transferred to ‘OUTLOOK’   The thing is they just did it with no notice.

I have been researching for 2 1/2 days and am frankly worn out and only found out by accident when I searched in hotmail again !!!   ….  to see if somehow it was an email problem. It was only because it involved ‘some’ of the notifications that I really thought it was wordpress related.

So there was an Outlook site with my emails in it …. in the ‘junk’ folder. I called my computer guy… should have done so sooner but since it was the weekend didn’t.

He showed me how to transfer my emails to where I see them but will likely be changing in the not so distant future to ‘gmail’

So, now that’s over at least somewhat, I might actually have time to read some blogs. (after I take a nap… I’m exhausted)  as some of you might know I’m having sleeping issues and have for months been for the most part sleeping in my lazy boy due to a physical issue when I lie down. Hopefully this will get cleared up soon but that’s why this has taken more energy out of me …

Thanks for listening to my rant…. Diane





13 thoughts on “Another Computer Bug Bites the Dust

  1. I’m glad you got everything figured out. I know that using a computer can be frustrating at times. So much technology to understand and then, it seems to constantly change. I have worked with computers in one way or another for about 30 years and I still struggle to keep up with all the technology advancements.

    Computers can save ALOT of time and gives access to a great amount of information… BUT they can be real headache and take much time to get things straightened out. My prayers are with you.

    Your blog is a blessing to your readers so just hang in there and take it a day at a time.

    Just thankful things are straightened our for you.


  2. Oh no, I didn’t even think about that. I’ve been switched over to Outlook for a while now. I’m sorry I didn’t think to mention it, but I wouldn’t have connected that as the issue anyway. I’m glad you have it figured out however! I hope you can sleep now!! xo


  3. I got problems withmy blogs when I changed email address. Suddenly my post wont be updated. Until now, it is still a problem which I dont know how to solve.


    • Oh I’m so sorry… Have you made sure to change the general and user and maybe other settings your old email is and needs to be replaced by your new email …I’m sure you have but it just came to mind because I’ve been looking so many places Diane


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