Weekly Photo Challenge – Pattern

Prompt: In a new post specifically created for this challenge, share a picture which means PATTERN to you!

SAMSUNG DIGIMAX D530My photo appears to be uninteresting when one looks at it. It is a piece of material with a soft blue-gray color. As you can see it looks like there is a lace background, interspersed with sparkles that are like the stars that appear in the sky on a clear night.

You might think that this is not such an awe-inspiring pattern and wonder why I would choose to display it.

The reason I am doing this is that this small sample of a somewhat simple pattern represents to me anticipation, excitement and of celebration.  This July my husband an I will celebrate our 50th anniversary. While that is half a century and therefore for most, a long period of time, some days it seems like just yesterday that we joined our hearts and lives in marriage. I was only 18 and he was 21. We had no idea really of what lay ahead for us, but we knew that we wanted to share whatever it was.

We had hopes of a family and were blessed with three children, who now have children of their own. The path was not always an easy one but we met each challenge as it  came, and discovered so much about each other, life and our faith. Without our faith and belief that God intended us to be together, it would have been easy to give up but with perseverance, patience, forgiveness and communication we did not and  we will remember that day fifty years ago, this coming July.

So how does that little piece off material have to do with all of this? It is that we are celebrating with a beautiful trip to Aruba and I wanted to have a very special dress for our special day. I wanted to feel like I did that one day when I wore another special dress; one that made me feel like a princess. Call me sentimental and nostalgic.

Well, I don’t suppose at my age I would consider myself to now be a princess, but it will make me feel perhaps a little like a ‘queen’!

Here is a picture of the whole dress to make the small piece above make a little more sense….SAMSUNG DIGIMAX D530

17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Pattern

    • Thank you… I know you just celebrated your 8th…congratulations.. (I’m having problems ”again”) with my email notifications so I’m somewhat behind ..using the ‘Reader’ and also trying to solve my issues…. Diane…


  1. Happy Golden Jubilee!!! Congratuations, Diane. I loved how you used this photo – and how you see the excitement as those beautiful colours peeping through!


  2. Congratulations! What a very wonderful and special milestone. You have every reason to post this pattern as your response. It is very special and only a few can lay claim to that reason. Your dress is pretty and I am sure you will look radiant in it. 🙂


    • Thank you Imelda for your lovely words… what made it even a little more special was that I mentioned just in passing that I was going to get a special dress…and one of my sons who heard me say it…said ” I’ll buy it for you Mom”…and he did…Diane


  3. You deserve everything you have worked hard for. To keep relationship running for 50years is unbelievable. I do not know how you did it. May be you should be the next marriage counselor (laugh)
    You are a princess, and I love your thoughts on the pattern you just chose.


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