DP Challenge

Prompt: When you gaze out your window — real or figurative — do you see the forest first, or the trees?

The forest represents being able to see the whole picture regarding a situation and not just focusing on one aspect, so it has a negative connotation if you don’t focus on the total picture first and foremost.

I tend to disagree with that conclusion. The reason that I do is that I am a very detail oriented person sometimes ad nauseam especially when solving problems.

I also examine people’s opinions and/or situations that occur when they happen.  I consider the person explaining their opinion and their reasoning and the way they say it. If it is their opinion, of course as everyone is they are entitled to it, but if they are claiming it is the only possible explanation, and leave no room for others to have their say, then I must admit I will ask them for the reason they believe so.  I certainly do not seek or want confrontation or to embarrass the individual and therefore will usually hesitate avoid  contradicting them in front of others. If however this person is monopolizing the conversation and looking for agreement from everyone present I will offer my opinion even if it is opposite to theirs’. In this case I am trying to see the ‘overall’ picture (the forest) by examining the details (the trees).

There are other times where decisions must be made, in order to do so each detail must be considered and taken into account before determining what the best action is. If detail is not considered I don’t see how accurate the final outcome could possibly be.

In areas of relationships there are times when  someone is looking at the future and only looking at the ‘forest’. They base their actions for example, wanting to be a success in life, not taking into account what or how that decision will affect those closest to them. I’m not saying that a person who has a dream or a goal should not attempt to reach it, but only that if they don’t look at the details of attaining that goal taking into account the ‘tree’, then it could be a less than satisfying result.  Again it comes to the details or ‘trees’ being important, in my opinion.

So I guess I am saying I look at both, but I tend to think that the ‘trees’ have more prominence in my opinion.

8 thoughts on “DP Challenge

  1. I have gone the whole day. I thought you did it yours differently, but it came out very nice, the picture was captivating. You always make a difference


  2. Good reference to think about the prompt like a relationship … Anyway, just stopping in to see what others wrote about for the prompt – Cheers!


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