DP Weekly Writing Challenge – Through the Door – Fiction

For those of you who read my blog on a fairly regular basis, you will know that I don’t often foray into the realm of fiction, but I decided to do so for this prompt and just see where it led me. So if you decide this is not for you, I don’t mind at all.

Prompt: The door to your house/flat/apartment/abode has come unstuck in time. The next time you walk through it, you find yourself in the same place, but a different time entirely. Where are you, and what happens next?

As I walked through the door to our home, I sensed even before seeing anything that there was something strange going on. It was eerily quiet. Then I went into the living room. The furniture was nothing familiar. It was not like anything that I had ever seen, even in the magazines of the future. It was beyond modern and I would describe it more as similar to something of science fiction or like in ‘Star Wars’. The only colors were black and white, monochromatic, and  sterile looking in appearance.

When I called to see who was home I was met by a ‘robotic’ individual and not my family. I was somewhat in shock to say the least. What had I walked into? Where were  my husband and children?  I felt as though it was a bad dream and that I would wake up any minute to my familiar surroundings, and of course to my family. But alas after a few seconds I realized this was not to be, and my alarm grew and I was going into panic mode.

I finally ventured to see if this ‘being’ would understand me as I had so many thoughts and questions whirling around in my mind. My first sentence out of my mouth was of course “Who are you and where is my family?”  I don’t know what I was expecting but words came forth that had no tone or inflection but at least ‘it/he’ understood what I was saying and explained that there were no other people in the house and then in the same breath asked who I was and what was I doing there?

By this time, I was wondering how to make sense of something that made ‘no sense’ whatsoever. Stammering I said that this was my home, and I lived there with my husband and three children and that I needed to understand what was happening. Was this some kind of cruel joke and if so, I was not at all happy about whoever had perpetrated it?

I was told that I did not live there and was told to leave immediately. As I protested I was moved toward the door, and while no physical effort was used I was nevertheless forcefully moving towards it.  I screamed but to no avail, as I found myself outside and the door slammed behind me. Unable to think I stumbled out to my car and attempted to call the police, but I could not get any connection.  I was at my wit’s end and overcome with the trauma of it all, I fainted.

When I awoke, I was in a bed with doctors and nurses hovering over me, and I could hear them calling to someone, “She’s awake”. Before I knew it my husband and children were standing there by my side, with a look of extreme relief on their faces.

It seems that I had been found in my car unconscious and unable to be awakened. The confusion that churned in my mind as I tried to explain what had happened, was met with concern but then was told that I had been in a coma for several days, and I had likely just had a very vivid dream.

So it appeared that all that had happened was in my mind only…..or was it?

15 thoughts on “DP Weekly Writing Challenge – Through the Door – Fiction

  1. This is mysterious. Perhaps, she is regaining her recollection and memory of past events, albeit slowly. Or, it could have been an out-of-body experience. 🙂


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