DP Challenge – Unleash Your Inner Dickinson – Poem – The Storm

Prompt: National Poetry Writing Month is nearly at at end. To celebrate it, try your hand at some verse

This is outside of my usual writing but it is my submission. It is not your traditional poem as Emily Dickinson would write usually, from the ones that I have read, if that is what the challenge included but it is mine.

The weather outside is dark and foreboding
Thunder rolls and brings forth
Streaks of lightning
It is unsettling
It causes me to examine
What lies beneath the surface
Of my soul
The turmoil within
Seems like the storm in the night
Feelings that vex my spirit
That make me want to seek shelter
To escape
The darkness overwhelms
When will I find respite
How will I rediscover
The peace
I know it’s there
If I can just find it
I know it’s there
If only dawn will break
I know
The path to it will appear
If only the night will end
Morning will bring light
The darkness
Will dissipate within
And hold promise
For tomorrow and tomorrow
The heaviness will go
‘If only”

14 thoughts on “DP Challenge – Unleash Your Inner Dickinson – Poem – The Storm

  1. I like it! It evokes to me an oppressive darkness and heaviness, interspersed with flashes of anger, long hard lonely times, and waiting anxiously for less difficult times to come. May the optimism, brightness and warmth of a peaceful sunny morning come soon, my friend. And may you enjoy the glorious sunrise all the more.


    • Thank you Russ… I would suppose that many experience those times that seem overwhelming for one reason or another…sometimes several reasons. But to have the knowledge that there is that hope of course that it will pass just as this long winter will turn into spring soon as the night in my poem turns into morning… It ‘will happen’…Diane


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