Trifecta Writing Challenge – Poem – Fiction

Trifecta Prompt Use the word with the 3rd definition:
a : a state of being beyond reason and self-control

b archaic : swoon

: a state of overwhelming emotion; especially : rapturous delight

Please remember: 
Your response must be between 33 and 333 words.

I decided to have a little fun with this in poem form (albeit amateur). Here is my submission..

A young woman named Kay
 Had some things to say
But first she needed to find
 Her mother who'd left her behind
             She was abandoned when small
               Was left in a mall
              Someone came to her aid
               She was so afraid                         

Her mother did leave
 She did so believe
That her child would be
 Better off you see             

               Someone would take better care
                And a letter she would share
               "Please take care of my girl
                 My mind's in a whirl 

I give my permission to be
 A parent to give lovingly
More than I'd ever give
 A chance for her to live"

                  Many years did pass by
                   Kay asked many times why
                  Did her mother not call
                   Since being left in the mall

One day out of the blue
 Her curiosity grew
She decided to take
 A trip she must make

                     But before she could leave
                      She couldn't conceive 
                     What fate had in mind
                      And what she would find 

Someone came to the door
 She wondered what for
And so went to see 
 Just who it could be

                       A woman outside
                        Began to confide
                       The reason she'd come
                        That she was her Mom

Kay felt things surreal
 As this woman appealed
Forgiveness she sought
 And the tears she fought

                         For leaving Kay 
                          She wanted to say
                         How sorry she'd been
                          Not to have seen

How much she would miss
 And did so insist
Her love never failed
 Her face became paled

                 They embraced and did smile
                  For oh quite awhile
                 And shed many tears
                  To make up for the years

Kay watched and did see
 Though the past could not be
This day held the key
 To her ecstasy

15 thoughts on “Trifecta Writing Challenge – Poem – Fiction

  1. I need your prayers..headaches all day every day i have..i’m seeing a neuroligist and she is giving me meds that don’t work..please keep praying for me..she is going to do a mri as soon as my insurance will agree.


  2. Diane, this is very good. You deserve more credit for this poem .Poetry is supposed to be fun, and who else could have done this job better than you. I love your story. You did a good job telling it through the poem.


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