Mysteries of Emotions

Whether we’re Christians or not our emotions cannot always be predictable. The ‘why’ cannot always be pinpointed as to the reason we are feeling as we are. Sometimes we expect to feel a certain way but the opposite happens.

For example sadness appears when we think we ought to be happy. Maybe our expectations are too heightened when we believe if only this or that would happen, then we will feel happy. I have found this to be true again recently.

But how often in our lives do we build something up in our minds and then find it didn’t live up to our hopes and to repeat myself, expectations? Perhaps for some it is a new job, or a new home, or a dream vacation.

Perhaps it is in a relationship that we believe if only we can talk to someone an understanding will magically happen, and all will be well.

Sadly I find that it doesn’t always happen that easily. There can be communication and yet the words spoken don’t say as much as the ones left unspoken. We are left wondering how to bridge the gap that seems so wide.

Today the words to Saint Francis of Assisi came to mind and I won’t quote it all, but I will link it if anyone wants to read it in its entirety.... Saint Francis Of Assisi Prayer.

The words are so meaningful and yet some of them I felt the opposite today of a portion of them.

“Let me not seek to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love.”

I longed to be consoled, understood and loved.

Love is implied and there is no doubt that I am loved, but I needed to ‘feel’ that love in a way I can’t quite explain except perhaps understanding me is part of it….as I do feel misunderstood.  There is then the feeling that I needed consoling because of the sadness evoked.

And so my prayer should of course seek to be the one to understand, console, and to love, but there are times when I need it too.

23 thoughts on “Mysteries of Emotions

  1. Love is such a basic need, right? We all want to feel loved and cherished, especially as women. At BSF today, we were discussing the miracle pill to fight off depression…..serving others. Diane, I’m sad that you’re sad. Are you helping or serving others in your community? It may help you feel loved and appreciated. Just a thought. Hugs. 🙂


    • Thank you for you concern…As we just moved we haven’t really settled in yet. We found a loving church and are involved with it. When I wrote this it was a ‘tender time’. It was/is an ongoing situation but I was fresh from an incident (not serious) but one that just longed for this person to ‘get me’…’understand me’ and demonstrate that to me. I am not going backwards into depression but I was very sad and just wrote my thoughts out in the post. With God’s help and me trusting Him .. at some point this will I believe be resolved…He answers prayer…. Thank you again for caring…. Diane


  2. We are all human and.needs to be loved, understand and to be taken good care. It is give and take. We harvest what we plant although sometimes we expect more or less.
    The good thing is God understands. I think God needs our love too and to be understood.


  3. Don’t feel bad about those emotions – they are integral to us. Everyone one wants to be understood and consoled. Even when our human relationships fail to console us when we need consolation and understanding the most, God never fails. I wish you well and God’s special Grace upon you today. 🙂


    • You just said it. I know we are not supposed to be, But I grew up and made myself an introvert. It felt so good that I do not have to worry about senseless pains. I love the fact that God is our healer, and we ought to seek his comfort all the time.


      • It is so fortunate Nikchi that you were strong and did not have any issues like I did with depression throughout a great deal of my life…It is not something that I desired…and I knew God was with me through it …but it happened… I am not in that place now, but there are times occasionally where there is a relationship that is a challenge and it does affect me…. I don’t doubt God’s love for me… It just is what it is….Thanks for caring…Diane


  4. Know that He understands you. I had a long moment a few days back when I wanted an epic hug. One from arms big enough to envelop and reassure me. Have you ever seen the movie Temple Grandin? She invented a hug machine for herself…pretty genius! 8)


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