Letter To God – Poem

I wrote this for Joy’s Letter to God contest.  Follow her link to participate if you would like to.

I know you've always been with me
Sometimes though hard to see
My childhood was so long ago
I wish it were not so

          My Daddy was not there for me
          To hold me on his knee
          To tell me how sweet I was
          It's what a Daddy does

I wondered why it had to be
That's how it was for me
Why was he not at home
Why did he have to roam

          My mother she did love me though
          Watched wherever I did go
          Protected me and kept me well
          Lifted me up when 'ere I fell

She loved me so, this I can say
And did so till her dying day
But Lord I did not understand
No Daddy there to lend a hand

          I longed dear God to know just why
          And know you heard me when I did cry
          I did not want my Mommy sad
          Or have the need to feel real bad

So I pretended not to care
But inside felt it wasn't fair
I could not tell my friend
So help they could not rend

          My mother taught me of your love
          And how you were above
          Watching over me
          And all that you could see

You saw my hurt and sorrow
Wherever I did go
But it took sometime to realize
What was before my eyes

          I had a Daddy who loved me so
          That He sent His son to go
          Upon the cross to die for me
          How blind I could not see!!!

13 thoughts on “Letter To God – Poem

  1. This was yours. I saw this in Joy’s blog and read it and touched me so. I did not connect the webpage to you. I should have paid more attention. This was so heartfelt and beautiful, Diane. 🙂


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