We Visited Today

My husband and I went to visit Peter today in the hospital;  the man many of us have been praying and hoping for. His illness was so sudden and critical and at one point or maybe several points it was very nearly fatal. At one point if you recall he was put into an induced coma, was on dialysis as his kidneys had shut down, had pneumonia and a tube in his chest to drain fluid, had sepsisb, a serious infection in his blood, and fever spiking on and off, and other issues as well.

Well, last Saturday (Easter Saturday) he sat up in a chair and watched a hockey game.

Today, as it stands currently he still has some pneumonia to clear completely, but has no tube in his chest, he is on dialysis still but they are cautiously optimistic as that saying goes, that his kidneys are showing signs of working again. He is a little shy of thinking this because I guess he doesn’t want to get his hopes up only to be disappointed.

He can speak but is a bit breathless, I would suppose because of the pneumonia not being quite clear. They have even had him up walking for short periods.  There is a concern about the heart beating too fast sometimes and not regulated beat, but he is receiving medication and in a couple of weeks if it is still an issue they may have to ‘shock’ it…

He’ll be in the hospital at least another 4 weeks BUT look at where he’s come from and where he is now!

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. I really believe his healing was a miracle….Diane

16 thoughts on “We Visited Today

  1. Praise God, it makes me so glad to hear this news! May things only get better for him. I thank God for you – Diane, your kindness is truly rare.


    • Awww thank you. I am indeed praying that he will completely recover. It may take some time but it’s God’s time.

      You went away for awhile…will you be doing a post on it? Hope all is well with you… Diane


      • Thank you. It’s really good to come back and see that he’s improved so much and I’m sure prayer had a role. I was thinking of him a lot and praying and hoping, myself. It’s funny how we can be touched deeply by what someone we have never met is going through! So it’s great news.
        I came back on Thursday and I’m still adjusting to coming home – it was the trip of a lifetime, but I think I crammed 10 years of fun into 10 days! Definitely meaning to write a post. I’m okay – I actually did a lot better with my eating – and yet still lost a little bit of weight which is a real setback but the good thing is I acknowledged it, have reached out for help and am already working at turning it around again. And it was worth it for a trip that reminded me that this world is amazing and that I’ve only seen a tiny slice of life – so much more out there!
        I hope you have been well, yourself xx


  2. I am glad you have the strength to visit the sick. It can be very exhausting especially with the situation as you have. But I believe With so much prayers and love, he will live to give his own testimony.
    have a good day.


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