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Weekend Challenge:   We want you to give us thirty-three words of advice.  Your advice can be to anyone or about anything.  We only ask that you make it uniquely yours.  Please visit  Trifecta   if you wish to participate.

After being married for fifty years, my advice is to go home and talk.  It does absolutely no good to run away. Communicating and forgiveness are the keys to success in any marriage.

34 thoughts on “Trifecta – My Advice Is….

  1. Just dropping by to thank you for joining ” Letter to God contest”. It is an honor.

    I will be following your post through mail and hope to get to know you more:)


  2. Ah,communication-so true & I agree Diane-not only in marriage but in all relationships it forms the cornerstone-sadly people have no time (or inclination )to do so-or so it seems nowadays,no wonder most marriages/relationships are breaking apart even before they have actually started.Forgiveness-that is something I am not sure about-depends what the issue was I guess & ofc how important your relationship is to you-as long as my self-respect is not sacrificed,I am ready to move on & learn to let go:-)

    Well said in just 33 words though-good advice for those who are new to marriage:-)


  3. I liked your advice learned over fifty years. Forgiveness is a big one…sometimes it’s hard for me to let the stupid things go. So far, when I blow off steam, er, communicate 🙂 it gets me back to a calm starting point. (I’m only at sixteen years so, God willing, I’ll have lots of time to practice forgiveness!)


    • Sometimes I think couples believe that it’s only the ‘big’ issues that need forgiveness…but it’s the little things ‘hurting your feelings with an uncaring remark’…the one hurt takes it within if they don’t tell the other that they have caused these feelings and the person saying the remark never knows so may do it again …’communicate and then forgive’….Thanks for reading and your comment…Diane


  4. It all goes towards cooperation for a happy marriage. Great advice!

    One quick thing–your link on the Trifecta site goes to an old post, back when we had the first-person point of view challenge. Just something you might want to double-check for future challenges!

    Thanks for linking up!


    • i think that’s good when one can…Sometimes I have gone to a friend’s house for a week, just to have some one on one with another female..and the silliness that goes on just in conversation etc. (even at my age) and I think my husband enjoys the time to himself also…Diane


  5. Wise advice, Diane. Sometimes, my husband and I have disagreements just before we go to sleep and sometimes, I am tempted to just go to sleep without apologizing or making peace. It takes a lot of effort to just open a conversation (especially when I am truly irritated) but I found that I always sleep better when I am in good terms with the person beside me. (And yes, more often than not, it is my husband who coaxes me into talking again.)


    • I think that’s the thing…when we’re angry we want in our nature to be stubborn and yes …wait for the other person to give in first…It’s so good of your husband to know when you really need to get it out! Thanks for reading Imelda…Diane


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