Blogs – Those Who Don’t Read Them

When I determined to start blogging, (there’s that funny word again), the word itself doesn’t command too much respect; but when I did it was for a few reasons.

One reason is that I have always written notes, journals, letters and I thought it would be interesting to have them actually in a form to keep and remember. Another reason was that I had wondered if somehow by writing some of what was inside of me, I might actually help someone else, especially as it pertained to depression. Oh and the other thought was that it may be interesting at some point if I was able to connect to another person or two that had like interests and correspond with them. That expectation of course has been surpassed many times over.

The one thing I didn’t consider though was that my family or others in my immediate circle of friends when learning that I was to embark on this journey, would not really be interested much at all in knowing what I was writing. From time to time perhaps a blog or two is read but for the most part it is only my inclination or diversion that is involved. I didn’t really put any pressure on them to do so, but I suppose there was the thought that they might be curious.  I know that my children at least two of them, have read a couple or maybe even a few of the blogs that I have written, but for the most part not very many.

It was my desire to write and not for the purpose of those close to me to read, because I just wanted to do so, but I must admit that there is a little twinge of disappointment that they don’t read them or if they do I don’t receive any feedback.

There must be quite a few of others that blog that probably find the same thing and I don’t for a moment think that I am the only one.  And as for friends or acquaintances who learn that I write a blog, there is the usual perfunctory comment but then the subject seems to change fairly quickly. Sometimes it feels like I’m trying to promote myself or that I’m being a bit boastful or something along those lines and I certainly don’t mean to come off that way.

I am really quite happy to be writing and then reading, interacting and meeting such great bloggers…(there’s that word again)… and I guess for others to have the same interest in my, what would be considered a ‘hobby’, is not realistic. 

Oh and if one of my loved ones happen to read this  and others in the future; they should be told that they don’t have to read my blogs in order for me to say, ‘I love you anyway!”

I have a devious plan though. I’m going to fool them all, because I’m printing off my blogs and putting them into binders and when that day comes when I do pass from this life, I have made sure that someone knows where they are and they will be conspicuously present nicely alphabetized for all to read.

Nothing like a ‘captive audience’ eh?  😉

46 thoughts on “Blogs – Those Who Don’t Read Them

  1. Interesting. I’m coming from the other end. ‘Have not really been actively promoting my blog with people I know (and made sure I don’t reveal my identity in my blog as well). I think I wanted to take the “natural selection process” wherein I would just attract readers who would read my posts just because they’re curious/interested, and without the bias had they known who it was who was writing.

    Your post above made me laugh–you have a good sense of humour! Bless you.

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    • Well, I don’t really promote to everyone either… but I did hope that perhaps my children might read from time to time… I usually am careful not to share ‘everything’ so as not to embarrass either myself or them… Thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts too.. Diane

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  2. Part of my family doesn’t even speak English, so they couldn’t read my blog even if they wanted. My husband reads most posts (I know since he makes suggestions and shares what he thinks about posts), and I am actually not writing anything specifically for friends or family, so I’m Ok with the fact, they don’t check out my blog.
    That is an interesting idea you have about printing off all stuff, very amazing! Seems like a lot of work, though, since you mentioned 6 or 7 a day. Well, that’s still doable. Good luck with that!
    I will leave my paintings, so people who are interested will be able to “read” those.


  3. Actually I don’t want my family and friends to read my blog…then I would not be able to vent so much…haha. I am kicking myself fo rnot printing from the start though…so many posts already…that would make for a lot of paper now. Hmm, have to think about that. Great post and glad you write and blog and take amazing photos and write beautifully!!


  4. What a coincidence:) You are not alone with this. Me too are dissappointed with my close family members and friends because they are not really showing much interest in my blog unless if I write something about them:)
    But, I gained blogfriends who really are taking the time to read what I write and I just think that people are different and it takes a blogger to understand one.
    Thanks for visiting again and it is really nice to know you. Since I can’t see any join the site icon here, I write my email address in follow section so that I can read your entries ahead:)


    • You are listed as following me via email…there is a place on the right hand side to enter email but in any case wherever you put it you should receive notifications.

      It seems a lot of bloggers don’t have family or friends that read their blogs much… I guess you’re right …you need to be a blogger to really appreciate reading others’….Thanks for your comment and I’m sure we’ll be in touch frequently….Diane


  5. Without some affirmation of what we feel and write…it would not mean nearly what it does. One of my sons told me a while back..”I do look but you haven’t written anything different’ which I replied what do you mean? Turns out he didn’t know how to get past my ‘about’ page… Ha! But I don’t really think he still looks..he doesn’t say anything.. But because of that comment I decided to do a page about how to move around the blog… Diane


  6. So true -but I do have one friend who has encouraged me along the way and reads faithfully, and has introduced me to one of her close friends who also writes and I know how passion for writing will bind us, like it has so many other wonderful people in this “writing” community. 😉


  7. I am with you – I used to bug the crap out of everyone in my family and small circle of friends – especially my bf – If I had a bf who blogged I would eat up everything he writes – what a great window to get to know someone and to see things you wouldnt necessarily know just in conversation…but I have stopped saying anything – when it got to the same lack of interest when I wrote a book that was published.. I figured I needed to be happy with what I have… grumbling a little. I did inspire my daughter and almost step-daughter to start their own blogs thought so their is that… and I think your idea is absolutely brilliant!


  8. very few if any of my closest friends read mine and of course hopefully my family doesn’t. one of my closest friends from where i grew up wants nothing to do with it. she’s very negative about it. i’ve had to let it go but i do feel it.


  9. I was saying similar thing the other day, when I have everyone in my church spending time in my blog and they were actually scared to comment. I find it quite interesting that people in one`s family will careless of what we might think we are doing. I am glad , that you have given me another good reason to move on. You know how I value all your comments. I will be there supporting you all the way. I know your heart, you are a wonderful writer.


        • If people go to your blog they may not understand how to move around and then make a comment. When I realized that if the reader is not familiar with wordpress …I made instructions on how to do so. If you look at my home or about page and look at one of the tabs above… it says How to move around blog… and on my about page you’ll see where I direct people to learn what to do. If you want we could do that for you also… Just look and read what I did and then let me know. Diane


  10. Suprisingly, this must be the norm. It seems for the most part, bloggers (your word) read blogger’s blogs. I’ve managed to attract very few non-writing readers. May be some link there. Good thoughts you offer. Blessings


  11. I, too, find that most of my friends and family either don’t read my blog, just read it occasionally, and very rarely comment. This is mostly to do with the fact that none of them blog so it may seem weird or, at least, unfamiliar territory. Most of the blog suppoort is from other bloggers and this has been an astoundingly beautiful thing!

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