DP Weekly Writing Challenge – Iconic

Prompt: For this week’s challenge, we want you to snap a photo of something that is iconic to you. Write a story using your picture. Of course, you can give us the real story behind your icon, but if you’re itching for a more creative challenge, try these ideas on for size:

  • Make up a legend about the origin of your icon of choice
  • If your photo is of a place or monument, tell a story with your symbol as the setting
  • Revisit your icon as an archeologist 500 years in the future, and try to discern its significance
  • Personify your symbol and tell its story from its own perspective

  To participate in this challenge click on this link.


An iconic image or thing is important or impressive because it seems to be a symbol of something.

SAMSUNG DIGIMAX D530Don’t laugh, but the picture that I took is something that most would not think of as an ‘icon’ but to me it is. It is something that has been in my possession since my mother no longer needed it. It was something that was in her possession for as long as I can remember and I am 67 years of age, and so is considered vintage.  It is a simple ‘roasting pan.’  The stamp imprint is on it and on researching to try and see if I could find out exactly how old it is, I could only find that it was made around 1939.

This pan is representative of being iconic, because it is a symbol of the many dinners it was used for preparing. There were the usual weekly Sunday dinners; the Christmas, the Thanksgiving and other celebratory ones as well.

It has been well used and if it could speak it would tell of the many people it has helped prepare food for during the years my mother had it and then for the ones I have, since then.

I was the last child born of ten children, and Sunday dinner usually roast beef and roast potatoes, was a time for many years when those siblings who had married and living elsewhere, would return for that one meal, usually every week. I don’t have specific memories because that’s a problem for me, with cognitive issues relating mostly to the Multiple Sclerosis that I have. But I do remember the busyness and the visiting that ensued. Some visions do remain within my mind.

There were the special holiday times when most family; at least for many years would return and celebrate with a very large turkey, and the usual trimmings. If that pan could talk, it would tell of the warmth of the family that shared the meals prepared. It would mention the love that was evident and abounded with the people who were present.

I guess it would have some other stories to recount as well, before the time I was old enough to know anything other than what my experiences were. A time when my mother and older siblings lived in a home where our father was not such a pleasant person to be around, because of his problem with drinking. I have heard some of them, but I can only imagine as my memories were from a time when he no longer was part of our lives.

My thoughts however, whenever I use this roasting pan to this day, roam to thoughts of my Mom and the joy she had in making dinner for those she loved.

It is an ‘icon’ to me then, because it reminds me of times gone by and my brothers and sisters, 7 of whom have passed on, as of course has my mother as well. I continue to use this roasting pan to this day because of it’s size and durability.

So, it is a simple object to have as an ‘iconic’ symbol, but it is one that for me holds many thoughts and memories of special times.

15 thoughts on “DP Weekly Writing Challenge – Iconic

  1. I saved our families pan from a yard sale fate. I have not used it yet and plans for it include a good foot soak. I think its cooking days are over. Good choice!


  2. That was really I conic and priceless. I love your sense of humor too. I hope people will see the amount of work you put into this. Great work, effort, and time.
    You are great.


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