‘Good’ Friday

I used to wonder why Good Friday was called ‘Good’, as I suppose many have at some point in their Christian walk.

Today I missed going to the service, which I normally attend because it is a time to feel and recognize I guess the time of sorrow that Christ felt on that day so very many years ago. We went to the service last night to commemorate the Last Supper by having one at church. But due to my husband’s medical condition that flares up sometimes, today being that day we could not go.

I do like to spend that time reflecting on how much Christ gave to us that ‘Good Friday’. How much more to celebrate on Easter Day that He overcame that horrible death and rose again. And in doing so, gave us eternal life.

I don’t always express my faith in such a definite way, but I somehow need to, today.

So, Good Friday is good because it brought us salvation when we choose to believe in Jesus, and for that I thank Him so very much.

Happy Easter …. Diane

12 thoughts on “‘Good’ Friday

  1. Thank you for your reminder of what this celebration is all about. And thank you for publically declaring your faith and the blessing of Christ’s work on our behalf. Lord bless you my friend.


  2. Beautiful post Diane. When I was a kid, I loved Easter time. I used to watch “King of Kings” Over and over and also the one show “Jesus of Nazareth”…one or the other would always be on the TV during Holy Week. On Good Friday I always would look outside around 3pm and it seemed to always darken at that time. I don’t know but some where in my childhood someone told me that what is our 3pm now in current days was the time back then when Jesus was crucified. I have no idea how much truth that holds but for a young kid, it fascinated me and I would always, without fail look out of the window at 3pm on Good Friday and feel sad. I caught myself doing it today! Have a blessed Easter my friend!


    • Hi…yes it is my understanding also that the bible does say that it was around the 12th hour when he was crucified and then 3 hours later when he died. I used to watch also shows for many years and I can remember not fully understanding what his dying meant…hoping somehow it would (to me at the time) have a better ending and Him not die. Thanks for your lovely comment….Diane


  3. It is always the right thing to do. God brought us salvation and because of that we need to lift his name all the time.
    God will like for us to cherish the moment; and be kind to one another.


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