Encouraging Words – Short

Most of you that follow know about the posts I have done for this young man who is extremely ill …this is another update. I hope you don’t mind me doing this but as so many of you have been praying I feel the need to share in his progress. If anyone doesn’t know about him I will link to the different posts which explain if you wish to know... from the first one to the one previous to this one.       https://hometogo232.wordpress.com/2013/03/19/we-sometimes-ask-why-poem/    https://hometogo232.wordpress.com/2013/03/19/update-on-why-short/        https://hometogo232.wordpress.com/2013/03/22/prayer-please/          https://hometogo232.wordpress.com/2013/03/25/short-update/

So this morning I got this email about ‘Pete’s condition and while encouraging it also intimated a whole lot more……

Good morning everyone and Happy Tuesday!!!   Some great news for you……

Peter looks good today.  He is trying to talk but is finding it extremely difficult.  Peter is aware that he is in hospital in Oakville.  He did recognize Kim but doesn’t remember her name. There is still no kidney function and he is having dialysis again today.   Kim fed him ice chips today which is such a good sign.   He is sleeping at the moment but whenever Kim tries to leave the room, he wakes up because he doesn’t want her out of his sight.   The physiotherapist was with him this morning working with him and she showed Kim a few things that she can do to help Peter as well.   Peter’s white blood cell count is down a bit today which means the infection is slowly going away……..yayyyyyy!!!!!!     The doctor told Kim this morning that Peter will needs months and months of physio but she is just thankful that he is alive.

Kim wants to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.   She loves you all and is very thankful for her friends and their support.

And then this afternoon I get this email ….The first paragraph is explaining the text that came from Pete’s wife Kim. The last sentence is the text from Kim

I just needed to share Kim’s latest text with you all.  I know it will warm your heart and bring a tear to your eyes like it has mine. Kim said it was awesome and both Pete’s Mom and her burst into tears with happiness!!!  It truly is a miracle.

Kim’s words:

“So after Pete’s Mom and I trying to figure out what he was saying, we finally got out of him “Winning the fight”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Me… Thank you Lord…

13 thoughts on “Encouraging Words – Short

  1. Praise God! As I prayed this morning a peace came over me – will continue to pray for complete healing for him and prayers of comfort and strength for his wife! God is so awesome!


    • Thank you Patty…I just got another update today and his white blood count is normal so they believe the infection in his blood is gone….he does still have pneumonia….but even though he is still having some dialysis…they believe his kidneys are slowly coming back…He told his wife he was bored !! So Praise God indeed…what a wonderful Easter gift to receive such encouraging news…Diane


      • Being bored is the best thing his wife ever heard! This week has been a week of praises for healing…two of my friends with life threatening diseases (one with the heart and the other with kidneys) got great reports from their doctors, they will never be healthy again but they are not declining either.


  2. you are awesome in your current task. This exactly what Jesus will like us to do. Show love to human kind. Spread the message of hope, and continue unabated.I hope you pick your courage from that.
    remain bless.


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