DP Challenge – Bedtime Stories

Prompt: What was your favorite book as a child? Did it influence the person you are now?

As a small child of course there were the Cinderella and Snow White kind of story but when I became old enough to read for myself I remember the ‘Nancy Drew’ mystery books.

What I remember is that I enjoyed reading  these mystery books. They were certainly far-fetched if you think about it, because she was only a teenager and yet was a super sleuth. But isn’t that what fiction is all about; the unknown and seemingly impossible sometimes. These stories were woven to capture the imagination of a child and they did that for me.

They perhaps did have an impact or influence on the type of personality I have. I have a very searching mind and love to solve problems and challenges. In fact the most important job that I had was just that. I was given the job of searching for answers to mistakes or perhaps questions to be answered of a difficult nature. I was so determined to find the solution and would not cease until I had done so. It is my nature to do this even today.

Blogging in itself has been such a challenge as many times issues have arisen over the past 16 months that I have been blogging. There has been much appreciated assistance of course from other bloggers during some of these times.  When searching myself with WordPress I have not always been able to find the solution without a lot of time and effort. I am relentless until I find the answer, often taking much time. Because I have some cognitive difficulties having Multiple Sclerosis,  I find it does take much longer than perhaps it could.  When I am successful, I do write things down for future reference because I know that I wouldn’t remember probably the next time, especially if it were very complex.

The type of books that I read, (when I do) and the types of programs that I prefer to watch are often ones where there is a mystery involved. I love the re-runs and DVD series of ‘Murder She Wrote’ and ‘Columbo’ and ‘Diagnosis Murder’ and ‘Perry Mason’. These are some programs of several years ago and many will not even know of them. They were not of a gruesome nature that some of the popular programs today are.

Just in living,  if there is some kind of problem I usually rack my ‘little gray cells’ to try to determine what can be done to alleviate the issue for myself or even others close to me. At times I’m like a dog with a bone, who doesn’t want to give it up, but I have learned through experience and maybe just some wisdom gained with age, that I cannot solve all of life’s problems.

So while I love a good mystery or challenge the years of facing and seeing many challenges, I have had to relax somewhat my ‘super sleuth Nancy Drew’ nature and let what will be, just be!

6 thoughts on “DP Challenge – Bedtime Stories

  1. You’re right …when we persevere more times than not, it is a good decision… Thank you for the kind words about writing… I guess it’s my way of expressing who I am and what I believe….and in the hope that some of what I write may help another….Diane


  2. At times I’m like a dog with a bone, who doesn’t want to give it up.
    I think that testify to who you are. We can all learn to persevere through both the good times and the bad times. I love the fact that you live to write. It is a great testimony of your strengths,which are immeasurable.


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