We Sometimes Ask ‘Why?’ – Poem


I  wrote this to a young man who is very ill, and his wife who are very close friends of one of my sons.  I have known them also of course for several years. My son is very devastated by the sudden and severe illness of his friend.

In one week he went from feeling ‘unwell’ to being on life support and kidneys failing and dialysis. He is 42 years of age  with a wife and a 3 year old child. His life has been spared but there will be according to the doctors  several issues he will have to deal with in the future, I expect one is related to his kidneys. As it stands now I’m not sure what all of these conditions.

I’m publishing this poem again realizing that I only write poems as I feel them and that they are certainly of a very simple style of poetry. My son also is wondering the why’s of all of this,  as are his friend and many of their friends, who are numerous.

The reasons for some things we may learn later, guess about, or never know but perhaps during the time of ‘wondering’ is when the purpose is being fulfilled.

There may be others also are going through testing and difficulties and my hope is that you all may have a peace in the interim of  ‘not knowing’.

Times of illness bring great concern

Sometimes the reason hard to discern

One day our world is changed so fast

All that life so far has amassed

Is not the same we don’t know why

The fears we have cause us to cry

To ask the question we want to know

Please tell us now why is it so

We have our hopes and dreams laid out

But all we want to do is shout

We want it back the way it was

We question just what is the cause

Life was normal as could be

And now there’s so much more to see

To see the blessings that we share

The love, the way we show we care

There’s hills ahead to climb it seems

But together we will, that’s what love means.

13 thoughts on “We Sometimes Ask ‘Why?’ – Poem

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  3. I have often question why things happen too. it is sad to see our family members or friends go through hardships. All you will continue to do is what your a doing. Sending words of encouragements and love.


  4. Amazing timing that you are also dealing with a son’s friend who has a serious, serious disease. Reading about him, made me thankful I only had a stroke! I am even better this morning! My voice is stronger and will be till I get tired as I make my calls for people and do the job I love.
    People -my home church-i reached out to for help -are going to help us as are our children-my daughter told us last night. what a weight came off of my shoulders!! i can not begin to tell you-I just can’t!!!
    I can only say thank you Jesus for whatever arrangements you make!


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