Could I Be an Organ Donor?

There is a young man …. I consider him young at 42 who has caused me to write this post today.

He was taken to the hospital on Tuesday because of a complication of pneumonia. I don’t know all the details except my son who is best friends with him, told me he had an infection which was out of control. His organs began to shut down and this morning they put him in an induced coma. However, his condition worsened this afternoon and he was transferred to another hospital to receive dialysis as his kidneys have completely shut down.

This got me to thinking that this young husband and father could at some point need an organ donation if he deteriorates any further. While I have signed an organ donation card in the event of my passing, I thought also of living donations. I would suppose they are even harder to come by.

I have considered the fact that so many needing transplants die while waiting. I also worked with and was friends with a woman then in her 40’s who needed a double lung transplant, and unfortunately died before receiving it.

I also have considered being a ‘live’ donor and expressed this to my husband today. I probably wouldn’t be considered because of my age and the fact that I have only 60% kidney function myself, which is not really in a dangerous zone.  However, I would need to ask my doctor if ever I was to consider such a thing would it then leave me in a somewhat unstable condition.

Even if it were to give this young man should he require it, some time to get another donor to give a kidney, I would do it in a heartbeat. Do I say this thinking that they wouldn’t accept me anyway. No, I sincerely don’t.  Having said this and also having Multiple Sclerosis (under control) they would more likely opt for a family member with the same tissue dna or a healthier individual.

Because this is an issue that is strongly debated, and people have their fears about being a donor or religious concerns, I thought that the very least I could do, was to do a post on it today.

I would ask prayers for this young man and his family and I would also respectfully ask anyone reading to consider being a donor, to then sign a donor card so that you might give life, or sight to someone in need... Oh and one more thing, make sure that your family knows of your desire to do so…..Diane

24 thoughts on “Could I Be an Organ Donor?

  1. With a friend dying from liver cancer now, I believe very much in organ donation. My friend is too far gone, he’s been dropped from the donor list as he is too ill to survive any transplant. In the US all you have to do is check a box on your driver license application/renewal. Could not be easier.


  2. I was hesitant to talk on this issue because I hate to talk about death. but I think it is one thing that is inevitable. I think to get your self through that knowledge is good. If they will accept it why not. I always like your spirit. keep on doing what is necessary.You are nice


    • At one time I too hesitated to talk about it but then after hearing many stories over time about people whose lives were saved because someone else made a decision to donate… I thought very differently…Thanks for you kind words once again …Diane


  3. I have often debated whether I should become a donor, but as a cancer survivor that took the decision away from me. I do know a lady who gave her kidney to someone in her church. Sadly he died a few years later, but he had an extra few years with his family. Today from what I hear she is still as beautiful and vibrant as ever and that had not slowed her down. She once told me she never regretted doing it.


    • That’s what I believe that by being a donor (if one can be or their organs are okay) that life can be extended for another.. …and so I hope that something of ‘mine’ can do something when I pass on to even give sight to someone else … I think it’s a topic not a lot of people want to discuss but I felt led to do it anyway… Diane


      • you are right, my husband doesn’t like me talking about it. But I was told I am no longer allowed to give blood or donate because cancer cells could be lurking and then be transferred to to the recipient. Hopefully by you talking about it will get someone thinking to make that leap.


  4. I know a fair amount about kidney donation as the mother is a recipient and a live donor has to be in perfect condition health wise. It takes about a year of intense and often invasive testing. You also have to be a perfect match. I pretty certain you would not be able to be a donor with the MS alone. I’ve got my card signed.


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