Trifecta Weekend Writing Challenge – The Chasm

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Challenge:  This weekend, we want you to give us a thirty-three response using the word stone as one of your thirty-three words.  You can use any definition of the word that you’d like, but we are specifically looking for serious, well-conceived entries.

This is my submission.

The words spoken between us were meant to be helping us understand each other better, but it became clear  the chasm was larger and my heart felt like it was turning to stone .

23 thoughts on “Trifecta Weekend Writing Challenge – The Chasm

  1. Great job with the prompt! I love the photo, too. Just as a heads up, though, crediting Google for the photo will not protect you in the event that the photo is copyrighted. For more information on crediting photos, feel free to check out our instructions page.

    Thanks for linking up!


    • I put Google but it took you to the photos..When I tried to credit the name beside the photo…it said page not found or something like that…so that’s why I did Google ….I’ll read what you say though…Thanks Diane


  2. Oh,haven’t most of us gone through this feeling at some points in our lives?I can so relate to it-sometimes,words are not enough to revive a dead/dying relationship & our hearts do seem to turn to stone!Well done:-)


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