Personal and Short Post

Today had been a very difficult day for me. It has been very emotional due to a personal reason which unfortunately I cannot share as it would disclose things involving someone else, and I wouldn’t want to involve or disclose things they would not want me to.

Having said this and the reason for doing so, today and maybe tomorrow I am disheartened and cannot concentrate enough to read many posts that so many of you have done. I will hope that I begin to function well again very soon. I’m sure that I will, with God’s help.

So, your post will pile up and when I can I will begin to read. I may be able to read a few in the meantime….when I feel the strength and concentration.

God works in mysterious ways, but my hope is that he will intervene and bring a resolution that will help me greatly. My hope is in Him because that’s all I have at this point.

Perhaps he is saying ‘toughen up Diane’… Don’t be so affected…Trust only in me. Having said that much prayer for this has been taking place but only He knows the outcome….

Sorry to put such a personal post, but you have all become like friends and wanted to share and give an explanation. I sit her writing with tears in my eyes…Diane


32 thoughts on “Personal and Short Post

  1. Not only has God knit you and formed you exactly and intricately to be YOU but we are knitted together with you as the body. When one suffers we all suffer. Jesus wept not for Lazarus in the tomb,(He knew He would fix the problem) but for His loving friends. Compassionately connecting with their sorrows, before raising the dead.

    I pray for my most precious friend and mentor. She is a warm sunset that so many followers come to be comforted and have their spirits lifted. Help us to be that for her now.
    I thank you God, that you are her comfort in times of sorrow,
    you are her resting place,
    you are her everlasting JOY.
    You turn our sorrows into dancing.
    You laugh over the schemes of the enemy.
    I love everything you are, and your vulnerability.
    YOu were there shining Jesus to me and my son,
    when I felt all hope was gone.
    I will continue to pray for such a splendid woman of God!
    (don’t know if you are on facebook, but I have a daily devotional of encouragement there on a group called inspire me. Someone just posted all the amazing scriptures God says about us and who we are, it was very encouraging)


  2. I am sorry that you are going through a difficult time, God always meets us where we need Him – may you feel His presence in your life during this time and find the strength you need. Hugs – Patty


  3. We’re all with you Diane. So much hope that you will be able to push through this somehow and that you feel better.
    All the best, A xxx


  4. It is hard to keep things in the heart, when you have people that will understand what you are going through. Sorry about how you feel now, and I know it will be so much better by tomorrow. You care too! So we are here for you.


  5. Thanks for the thoughts….I hesitate to ever delete without at least looking at the first couple of sentences in case it is something important…but will scan to see when I do get reading some. Diane


  6. Diane, don’t worry about reading posts – just delete and no need to catch up. My heart goes to you in whatever you are facing. I am so sorry andI will keep you in my thoughts. Love Juliexxx


  7. Hi, Diane. I “Liked” this, because I like to know how my friends are feeling. Thank you for sharing this message. May your pain and sadness be brief and offer great gifts for you and hopefully the other person, and may greater joy and harmony return to your life as soon as possible.

    Don’t worry about reading my posts. You have been one of my most loyal and consistent readers and online friends. It is time to take care of yourself.



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