DP Challenge – Back to the Future- Abuse and Bullying

Daily Prompt:

 A service has been invented through which you can send messages to people in the future. To whom would you send something, and what would you write?

I would write to the Education Minister and other Governmental departments,  and I would say that I would hope that more awareness of the teachers, parents  and the education system in general, regarding ‘bullying’ and ‘child abuse’ would be implemented.

Currently, while there are some discussions and promoting  of these issues  it still is not enough.  There needs to be a full-blown promotion geared to not only teachers and officials,  but also to make parents aware, that not only are they responsible for ensuring children are made aware of the ways that they need to be prepared in the case of abuse, but that the child needs to speak to someone about it. It has to be age appropriately taught what sexual and physical abuse is. The actual word ‘sexual’ does not have to be in it but there are ways to teach our young. And it is everyone’s responsibility.

If children are not prepared at all, then they will listen to the abuser and will think as a child they must do what that person says. They might reason that this person is older or an adult and I must do what they say. Or it may even be a relative, so the child should be made aware that it is not wrong to tell a teacher or someone else that they trust and not only not wrong but something they must do!

Somehow we must also in teaching them, to tell if something is wrong at home that is making them unhappy. We sometimes assume that the abuse is taking place outside the home, but in many cases it goes on there and no one notices a child’s uncertain behaviour.

Bullying is another major problem to contend with and I hope that in future years more will have been done to address this problem. The issue is not just for the children being bullied but for those who do it. Talking about it in the schools to the children is not enough. Parents should be involved not just when an incident happens but meetings and advertising if necessary to advise them what signs to watch for in their children’s behaviour, whether it be the one doing the bullying or the one being bullied. Parents should also try to be more of a positive influence in their child’s life.

There are signs that indicate there is a problem. They should also talk to their children and there should be more consequences than there is now. I hope maybe by the time you read this, it will already be an accomplished fact.

Perhaps, there will be children for the most part that never have to experience this, nor will there be the statistics that we have now, of suicides, attempted suicides or young people who think that is the only way out of their pain.

This is something that does not have to happen if only the powers that be, would work diligently to defeat the attitudes and sometimes complacency that exists, that there is ‘nothing’ else that can be done. Because, there most definitely has to be!!!

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