Energy Lacking – Short Post

Well, of late my energy is lacking quite a bit. I’m tired during the day because I’m not sleeping very well.

Unfortunately there are a few issues that are preventing me from getting good rest. I won’t go into them because we all have different issues to deal with.

They are not of a serious nature, just ones that cause fatigue.

The only reason I mention this is that I don’t get caught up in reading all the blogs that I like to and normally do.

Being retired, usually affords me time to enjoy so many of your wonderful posts. Also I haven’t had the same ability to even think of writing, but I hope to do some, when I can form thoughts easier.

I am looking to try and get to the bottom of issues, and hope to resolve them, but as I’m not sure how long it will take, just know that I haven’t lost interest, but just have to take more time to read them… .. Diane

29 thoughts on “Energy Lacking – Short Post

  1. I hope you feel better. Fatigue IS serious – because it crushes us and leaves us unable to really function or deal with everything else, not to mention that it can be a sign of other issues.
    Hoping and praying for you to feel better soon. Take it easy xxx


    • Thanks Fiona…it’s a combination of a few issues which are not serious.. neck issue which causes numbness/tingling/some pain in hands , nose blockage when I lie down…(probably see an ENT) can’t breathe or use cpap…and of course the M.S. which causes some minor issues ….Diane


  2. Diane, Sorry to hear you are not sleeping well and its affecting you energy – hope you are feeing yourself soon but however long you need, i for one will be here when you are ready to write again or come by to visit, and always glad to see you 🙂 be well.. ♥


    • Thanks Llzzie …I still will be reading and writing when I feel like I can think straight enough to do so….but it will just be a slower process..I probably will take naps more until it is resolved….Diane


  3. Hi Diane, my prayers are with you. May the Lord give you power and energy that you need. When I crash, I take a lot of naps and that helps a lot! I know things are not always that simple, though. I send you the fire of His Holy Love.


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