DP Challenge – Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda !

Prompt: Tell us about something you know you should do . . . but don’t.

First of all, I really think ‘shoulda, woulda and coulda’ are traits we need to be careful living by. I believe for the most part we are going to be disappointed if we dwell on them.

Having said that, if I think of it, they really do exist in our thinking. We quite often wonder what could have been if only we would have and should have done something differently.

So I was thinking of the myriad of ‘things’ in my life that fit into those categories. The one thing that came to my mind that still exists is that I ‘should’ have now being a senior woman, living a good life and with many blessings, is that I ‘should’ have more confidence in myself.

Even now I question when I make a decision, or say something to my adult children in particular if I said the right thing, the right way or was I interfering, and so on. You’d think by now I would be confident but I think it’s because in my eyes my ‘children’ are still that, even though they are grown and capable of making their own choices in their lives.

I vacillate between believing I can offer some wisdom, and then questioning my right to do so, without being considered an irritant in their minds. Sometimes it is afterwards that the thought comes to me, and the I ‘wish’ I had kept my opinion to myself.

This is not just related to them though, but also with friends, acquaintances and even through my blogging.

There are still traces of my insecurities that have been evident my entire life and that originated from my childhood. I sometimes  am embarrassed at my age to admit that.

This may never change, and I guess that I ‘should’ just accept it. I will likely continue to second-guess myself many more times!

12 thoughts on “DP Challenge – Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda !

  1. I wonder if people suddenly lose their fears in insecurities once they reach a certain age. I guess, they are part of being a human being, and therefore, inherently imperfect.
    On the other hand, what you may call your insecurities may be the very things that endear you and make you special to those around you. 🙂


  2. Being sensitive is no fault. I am that way when i say things at times, wondering if it was the right thing. It is right due to the personality you have developed. I am sure we can all review and micromanage every interaction to discover different ways of doing everything we do. All we can hope os to give our very best and hope it is received in that way.


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