I think this is a beautiful message and one that I know some need to hear…Diane

Cindy Livingstone Ministries® Revivalist


I looked up today and saw the Lord smiling down on me;

He said what is troubling you my child; for I have already set you free. 

Walk in the light and no darkness shall prevail. 

I am walking with you; I’ll never let you fail. 

I’ll catch every tear that rolls upon your sweet face.

I will hold them close in my heart for it is full of grace.

My love for you is abounding, it never goes away. 

Surrender your trouble to me for I am the way. 

I’ll fill your heart with joy and no sorrow will there be.

Place your worries on my cross, for I gave my life for you to see.

I will bring restoration with my Spirit that lies within;

Through your surrendering to me, together we will win.

Peace and everlasting life I have given onto you.

Keep walking in faith…

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