What Kind of Christian Would I Be?

The question of ‘What kind of Christian would I be’ came to my mind the other night when I was praying and the Christians of other nations came to mind.

One only has to read the newspapers or watch the evening news, or documentaries on television to know how Christians suffer for their faith in countries where if not illegal, it is nevertheless dangerous to be known as such.  You read or see where a church full of worshipers is entered and all within range are shot. It doesn’t matter if it is a man, woman or child; they are simply killed for no other reason than believing in Jesus.

I then began to wonder how would my faith stand up to such as is done to these Christians. Perhaps I think, if it was just me that would be laying their life on the line, then I could stand firm. My thoughts went further into wondering what I would do if my children were taken away from me or even killed.  How strong would I be then?

Many that profess their faith, are disowned by their families and that is bad enough, but the extreme that some suffer they are tortured not only for their belief, but in order to find out from them who else they know who are also believers.

There was a man who spoke in our community who went through unspeakable torture and but for the grace of God he would and should have been killed.  He endured the torture, and when he would not give any names he was advised that dogs would be brought in the next day to tear him apart.

This man spent the night in prayer, and when the morning came three vicious dogs were brought into his cell. The guards however were dumfounded when they would not attack the man.  So they assumed something was wrong with these dogs and brought in three different ones the next day. Again the dogs refused to do what they were trained to do and in fact one of them went up to the man’s face and licked it.  There was much more to his story but suffice to say he escaped again because of miracles that happened. This reminded me of Daniel in the Lions Den that refused to attack him.

I know that there are those in our Western civilization that undergo harassment and perhaps worse for their faith in Jesus Christ, but my mind was led to those extreme situations that exist especially in non-Christian countries.

So what kind of Christian would I be under threat of my life or worse? I will suppose that I will not know for sure as I will likely never be tested to that degree.  Only God knows.

16 thoughts on “What Kind of Christian Would I Be?

  1. Thanks for sharing that amazing story Diane. It brings home how important it is to be always faithful to God no matter how hard it seems. Jesus is always right there with us. We just have to have faith!


  2. You are so right when you say that “Only God knows” what we would do in that type of situation”. We need to always keep in mind that NONE of us could undergo such horrible abuse and remian faithful of our own ability. But through God’s grace and intervention, anyone of us could make it through faithfully. So when difficult times come we are to simply look to the Lord for the strength and ability to get us through. Lord bless. Thanks for bringing up a very important subject.


  3. I thank God I’ve never been called on to test my faith in that way – I do not think my faith is especially strong since I have struggled so much with it all through my life. If I were tortured for my own faith, I am sure I would be able to hold out. That’s easy for me. Or, easy for me to say from my safe perspective here! I feel like I did something like that as a child – no matter what, they couldn’t force me to change my beliefs or my values.

    But for someone I loved? If their wellbeing rested in my hands? That’s a question I hope I never have to truly answer. I truly am awed by the faith of those who could in the face of a loved one suffering or being killed, stand by their faith. I guess if we remember Moses being asked to sacrifice his son at the altar and then, being prepared to do so, being stopped by God – God would not ever truly put us in such a position? I hope not.

    Buckwheatsrisk.. my heart goes out to you, too. xxx


  4. You went through your ‘testing’ and it was very much as you say a torture of a different kind but nevertheless it was. You have been and continue to be such a blessing to others through your sharing of deepest hurts from childhood on…Diane


  5. i prayed a prayer similar to this 9 years ago, it went something like “i want to know that i know, that i would stand my ground for my faith even in the midst of torture.” i regretted praying that…little did i know the next 8 years would bring with it torturous situation after torturous situation,just not the kind of torture i was thinking…he tested me for 8 years.,.at one point i was in such physical agony i wanted to die. it was also during that time where we found out we couldn’t have kids, went through ivf, lost 7 babies…it literally just kept going for 8 years…
    i just felt last week that God spoke to me about passing it being finished…that for me is a scary question…i will likely never ask again…


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