Perseverence Pays Off But at What Price

Okay, well I did a post recently on Patience and now a short one on Perseverance.

I won’t go into a lot of details of the logistics of what happened but I will try to summarize.  While I was working on a blog site; not mine,  but one I help to do work on, I inadvertently ’caused’  (or thought I had) a problem whereby on the home site, and clicking on the post, an error code appeared. I thought to myself…what have I done and how am I going to fix this? I checked everything over and over; I went to support and then support. I redid this over and over until I got myself so upset and even angry that I could do such a  thing, I even used the word ‘stupid’ to describe how I felt.

I spent hours trying to read all that I could about this error code that came up but to now avail …at least not for a long time. I really beat myself up that I had caused this to happen….I had caused on someone else’s blog. I just felt so bad and last night went to bed with this on my mind.

I did pray that God would show me what the answer was and so this morning tackled the problem right away. Finally one word popped out to me in something I was reading… one of the settings. I went and thought well if this isn’t the problem I will just change it back to what it was, and keep searching.

Perseverance paid off because the elusive answer was indeed found.

One other reason I did this post is to say how readily I was to lay blame on myself and work myself up instead of thinking that this could be a ‘technical’ issue that just happened and not my fault. Self-doubt in a big way came into being. This was something that when I had depression was common-place in my mind.

I felt the ‘perfectionism’ that I thought had left me had crept back into my thinking. And again I reminded myself that we set ourselves up for a fall, if we expect we will not make a mistake and just deal with it. As it turned out I was not at fault ..this time, but in future I will make mistakes and wrong choices and I hope this issues has reminded me of this fact and to deal with it better.

So I will try to accept this, and next time be a little kinder to myself. And while I  am so happy the issue is resolved I paid the price, brought on only by myself.

18 thoughts on “Perseverence Pays Off But at What Price

  1. I can understand your feeling. I always tend to blame myself for all the things that go wrong. I guess, we both are trying to avoid the other route – blaming everything but ourselves. 🙂


  2. Well said Diane:-)No use beating ourselves up & playing the blame game-even -rather more so with our own self-it leads us nowhere.Better to accept that it has happened & try to work it out & if no solution is forthcoming,just let it go-mistakes are natural -they are sent for us to learn life lessons from-and you,Diane, are doing an excellent job:-)


  3. A truer word was never spoken..we can all get into a tizz-wozz about the smallest things and yet the anwser is plain to see…prayer! God knows all the answers, even those dealing with modern technology and WordPress


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