A Year and Still Going Strong – Poem

It is one year ago this month

That I took my last pill

For depression that is

Others I do take still.

For many years I did succumb

To feeling of deep woe

But then the light began to dawn

About three years ago.

I wasn’t sure if it would last

Those feelings of great joy

That crept within my soul,

But lo one day I did behold

I was to see my goal.

Hope, to feel the light within

Seemed oft so far away,

But when I did reach out in faith

It was a brand new day.

So here I am, it’s now a year

And feeling still so fine,

It’s only by God’s grace

That peace is finally mine.

23 thoughts on “A Year and Still Going Strong – Poem

  1. also congratulations on your wonderful poetry and on your 1st anniversary…well done and I am so happy for you..just goes to show what Faith can do


  2. Faith..what a wonder it is..to feel Faith, to know that it is there and yet you cannot see it…I often try to explain to others that you just have to truly believe and all will be revealed. My Faith is my life and my life is given by the Grace of My Lord who I love with every centimetre of my being…I love being a Christian by Faith


  3. So very happy for you. So very blessed to have met you and to be friends with you. Here’s for another year of peacefulness and freedom from depression – you deserve so much more than depression. Thank you for letting your light shine in my windows, too, and in those of others who are currently in the darkness – you give me hope xxx


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