You’re Precious in His Eyes

I was given this poem before Christmas when I was so sick with pneumonia. I do not know the author or I would give proper credit to them.  I searched online to see if I could find out but could not.

I just felt perhaps someone needed to hear these words so am posting it….Diane

Trust God today. He’s still in charge,

Your life is safe with Him.

To Him your path ahead is bright,

Although to you it’s dim.


Just place your trust in Him each day,

Each second and every hour,

Though you are weak and have not strength,

He is a God of power.


He’ll lead you and He’ll strengthen you,

And He’ll stay by your side,

Let Him be your everything,

And in His peace abide.


There’s nothing in your life, My Friend,

That takes God by surprise,

He’s in control and He loves you,

You’re precious in His eyes.

12 thoughts on “You’re Precious in His Eyes

  1. Thanks Linda …it did…By the way still thinking of you…I had this technical issue…last night and then this morning and them our new phones wouldn’t work right so kept me busy figuring them out…Saying that to say I haven’t read too many blogs today and didn’t notice if you’ve written one. If not I understand why..being busy with Mom’s stuff..and all else .BTW….did you get your lists done…(Thought I’d forget didn’t you) take care…Diane


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