My sister Catherine passed away 19 years ago today, much too young at 63 from cancer. I am reblogging a poem she wrote for me 30 years ago.



This is a poem from my ‘Memories’ series written for me by my sister Catherine  It was written when I was in my early 30’s and my children were small, and I was experiencing a time of stress and depression.  She understood my history, my desires for a family free of want of love or needs. She also understood what the ‘darkness of depression was like, as she had gone through a period of it as well. I cherish the feelings that she put into this poem for me. I will warn you that it is a bit long. She wrote what she believed about me and my challenges of life.


In the innocence of childhood,
She tread a weary path,
Deprivation and hunger,
Were constant companions,
Peppered with small joys,
Along the way,
Now and then, happy thoughts
Of love, gentle embraces
And wiping away of tears.

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