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Prompt:   Explore the room you’re in as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who is the person who lives there?

Prologue…This prompt intrigued me because I like the mystery, sleuth types of shows, although I prefer the older ones that weren’t so full of gore. Ones like ‘Murder She Wrote’ with Angela Lansbury  (still on television re-re-runs) and ‘Diagnosis Murder’ with Dick VanDyk.

So if I knew nothing about the person who lived in my house by looking at my  living room which is where I am now,  lets see what I can guess or determine from what I see.

cOne…. first and foremost with all the pictures of all  family displayed in various place in the room,  and a wooden plaque that is on a stand that says “Family….The love of family makes life beautiful.”  I would surmise that family is definitely very important to this person.

Then I see a wedding picture of the occupants of the house and it is an old picture because you can tell from the hairstyles and it is black and white. So I would guess that this person likes to remember the day they were married.

There are many DVD’s and they are mostly from shows as far back as the 1940’s with Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire,   even..if anyone remembers “Our gang and Alfalfa” and then some from the 1950’s ‘The Honeymooners” …’Red Skelton’ etc.  and each decade thereafter. They are of a time before the ones aired now with so much violence …but instead fun and light or a little musical or even mystery. It is quite apparent that they prefer that type of movie or show.

I notice some of the older pieces of vases, hurricane lamps , candlesticks, etc. so they would it seems have a liking for antiques.

On the walls there are plaques or pictures relating to their faith, one in particular the hand of God reaching out to touch the hand of man. It would appear that they are Christian in their belief.

There is also a picture on one wall of a streetcar with a small engraved plate indicating 25 years of service to one of the individuals living in the house, so that person must value it and have liked the place they worked.

The furniture within the room is for comfort obviously and not just for the sake of looking nice, as it has lazy boys on each end of the couch.

There is a couple of living plants so I would assume they have a love for nature.

I notice some doggie toys on the floor so they have a pet dog it seems and therefore I assume love animals.

There is opposite the couch, a large television, so it is safe to assume they like to watch it.

There was one thing that I noticed that was not there and that was anything pertaining to children…toys, clothes, etc. so this said to me that this was not likely a younger person that lived here but together will all the other evidence….was in fact an older person.

Last I guess, but not least there is a laptop computer beside one end of the couch, awaiting the use of the person it seems, whenever they feel the need to do for example …..some blogging…..SAMSUNG DIGIMAX D530

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