So You Don’t Have Email??

I decided on doing this post because of a letter I received in the mail today. It was an actual hand-written letter and a picture enclosed with it.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been sent one of these somewhat considered ‘dinosaur’ ways of keeping in touch. I was so happy to get it, and it got me to thinking that if this person had email I maybe wouldn’t have. That’s how we keep in touch mostly now isn’t it, although I’m sure that there are some that still do send letters.

The letter came from a dear sweet lady that used to be our neighbour several years ago. We’d seen her a few times since she moved, but mainly just kept in touch with a Christmas or birthday card each year.  We did send her one this year and sent her our new address telling her that we had moved. She said she had seen our house up for sale and wondered about what had happened or where we had gone, but was so happy to get a card from us. She told us about her children and grandchildren and what they were up to and sent us a picture of her great-grandson.

It got me to thinking about our electronic way of communicating and even sending a photo to someone. I don’t think the people who do not have computers or emails get recognized or updated on our lives as regularly as those of our friends and family who do.  My sister doesn’t have a computer and while I do talk to her on the phone and talk about general things, I think sometimes that there are those subjects you can’t cover over the phone.

I got my letter paper out to do an actual hand-written letter back to this lady instead of even typing it on my computer. And I thought that while I was at it I will do a letter to my sister and tell her things that aren’t always vocalized enough.  Things like how special she has been and is to me, and tell her I remember all the times she stood by me when I needed someone most, and other things that you don’t just say in a general conversation. And I think I’ll send a picture too.

I had forgotten how nice it felt to receive a ‘physical piece of paper’ called a letter, in my mailbox. I think I will re-read it a few times just because it feels good.

Just as an aside, I think those who have decided for whatever reason not to have a computer, or are not able to use one sometimes are made to feel somehow lacking , because after all, it does take more work to keep in touch.

So, I am going to think of any people in my life that might like to hear from me, that are in this position and try to remember them on a regular basis….instead of asking them why they don’t have email..

12 thoughts on “So You Don’t Have Email??

  1. Before I got my computer and then my phone, so about 4 years ago now, I was starting to feel very cut off because of how much was being done electronically. I felt like I didn’t have a say any more and couldn’t participate in a lot of things I heard about. That isn’t even personal stuff. Getting a computer and mobile phone truly opened windows to the world for me, being deaf it meant that instead of hermiting alone in silence at home, I spend my nights talking to people, always talking. It’s a vastly different life in that way. Even face to face I communicate better because of all we have said through email/facebook.

    But there are people who still don’t communicate through technology everywhere, and many of them must feel more and more alone these days, with less of us bothering to send paper letters, even paper cards at Christmas.

    It’s such a novelty to get a paper letter these days.
    I can’t believe I’m saying ‘these days’…. haha.


    • Ha…these days…..Like you said days of new technology and ways of communicating…but I definitely am going to be aware of trying to communicate with those I can’t on my computer…Hope you’re doing well these days now that the commotion of the holidays is over…Diane


  2. I still send letters and cards in the mail – emails are nice and I enjoy staying in touch with my friends through email, but there is nothing like getting a card or note in the mail even if it is only to say just thinking of you! I am glad to see it is not a dying an art!


  3. Email is one of the biggest reasons the US postal system is in such trouble.

    I have several friends who do not use computers at all. They do not seem lacking and keep up with others through letters and visits. They are quite content and at times I wish we could just pitch this box and screen (OK, recycle…) I tend to go in spurts with letter writing and for the most part try to hand write them, unless I have so much to say. My handwriting is not very neat.


    • I sometimes feel too electronic in my connections….and while it is a wonderful ‘quick’ way to keep in touch with some of those I know…I have ‘forgotten’ to write those who do not have that way to communicate…and I was as I say ‘reminded’…’that’s a good thing’ I think..p.s. for long letters my handwriting suffers also…Diane


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