I was reviewing some blogs that I wrote shortly after beginning to blog a year ago….and thought I would Reblog this one…..Diane


That phrase “Life isn’t a bowl of Cherries”, was quoted to me when I had handed in my resignation from my very first job.I was only 18 years old.  I had decided to do so because I thought I had been unjustly passed over for a supervisory position and I was angry and hurt. I told my Manager about it, and I guess she thought I was over-reacting.

I guess I was more hurt than anything and somewhat embarrassed by the reason that I was given. I had been seen by another supervisor in the ladies washroom, crying because I was upset over a situation in our family. They had ruled me emotionally not ready for extra responsibility. Even though I didn’t think so at the time,  maybe they were right.

At the time I hated leaving. It was shortly after being married and  I had been so sure I…

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