The Lost Little Post is Found….

Okay …this is amazing and has been a couple of days of learning. There are some very learned people that blog here and they have helped me learn so much. I may forget (per memory) but I am keeping this information on file for future reference in case I do.  Maybe this information will help someone else also. Thanks again for coming to the aid of ‘someone obviously who needs it’…..ME!

Now I mentioned in last post that I thought after it disappeared if I did not save it in drafts ‘after’ it disappeared then what it was like before that would come back if I just exited and came back in. But it didn’t reappear.

However at the comment of and also    I went down to the bottom of the screen where all your draft revisions show and I selected the latest one and then it APPEARED. Over to the right it then gave the option to restore it. Now being the doubting Thomas that I guess I was I was afraid once I saw it, that it might disappear again so I copied and pasted it.  But I’ve since tested it with this post and clicked Restore and it worked. At first when this was explained to me I didn’t look down at the revisions and didn’t quite understand about this but finally my ‘little gray cells got it”.

Now if when it disappears you haven’t saved it in draft there were some other suggestions made such as from as to other ways   who said  …. “I’ve done.. click “Preview”.. that opens a version in a new window or tab.. then leave it there.. if everything vanishes, it’s still there on its own page and you can highlight and copy it from there. xx

The biggest suggestion was to ‘save draft’ often during your post.

And another was to do your post in Word or similar and then copy and paste it into  your dashboard after it’s done.

Having said and done all this I will finish the ‘lost post’ but I think it will be anti-climatic probably and likely not one of my most brilliant or interesting posts…..but I have to finish it don’t I?

17 thoughts on “The Lost Little Post is Found….

    • Thanks makes things so much easier when you get to understand the workings…I’m sure there’s still more I don’t know but I’m not going to delve anymore right now…I’m ‘exhausted’….Diane


    • I have learned something yet again…It seems this past few days while in one way difficult…also a blessing in disguise..1. I learned 2 things new re linking and 2. How to look for a disappeared post..3. blogging friends who cared enough to try and help….Win Win…Win…Yayyy is right…Thanks…Diane


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