Where or Where did My Little Post Go?

I wrote a post re Daily Post Challenge and had just finished it when I decided to highlight it and change the text color. While I was doing so everything disappeared before my very eyes …the whole thing…but previous to the last couple of sentences I had saved it in draft so I thought I’ll go out and come back in and my almost complete post would be there before my very eyes.

WRONG.…When I came back it was still all gone! So I searched in my Recycle bin thinking ‘maybe’….’maybe’ it is there. WRONG again.

Recently I wrote a post on ‘patience’…and it seems mine is being tested.

I cannot re-write the post because while I might have the patience I know that I will not have the words. When I write I just say whatever comes but to try to duplicate that again…with my memory… I just don’t think so.

I think I’ve heard other bloggers say this has happened to them, but I never experienced it until today.

So I guess I will spend some time reading others’ blogs and wait for the next challenge…Sighhhhhh ……Diane

27 thoughts on “Where or Where did My Little Post Go?

  1. First – I write the whole post in an MS Word document. Then I copy and paste it into the post editing box. Then I read it on the blog page before I publish it. Then I edit it in the post editing box. Then I copy the finished piece back into the MS Word document that I have first dated, then titled (so all my posts are in time sequential order). Then I make backup thumb-drive copies weekly (3 of them – 2 in my purses and 1 for my desk). This type of organization has given me great peace of mind. I’ve never, for one second, regretted spending the time doing this.
    robin claire


    • Wow you certainly have your own process that you do….But it works for you obviously and that’s what you need to go with.

      This is the first time I’ve ever had this happen..and as it turns out how to get it back….I do save draft frequently during a post as I did this one..I have no idea why this happened but I will be diligent from now on…Thanks for your suggestions and comment…Diane


  2. I am sorry that you lost your post. My blog is so messed up, it is pitiful. I can not even write a note to the tech support people. I don’t have access to dashboard, reader, stats, notifications, and things in the blog section when I look at it are all askew. I am totally put out. So Will call Costco for a long scan to see if a virus/es is causing the problem.


  3. This has happened to me.. twice.. once when I’d written a poem. The words are never there in quite the same way again, so the new poem included the “lost words” reference.. and my frustration. I remember I felt like crying. My heart goes out to you.. I did learn a few new tricks in the comments above, but if I’m always hitting save as I go along, writing in Word first.. and another thing I’ve done.. click “Preview”.. that opens a version in a new window or tab.. then leave it there.. if everything vanishes, it’s still there on its own page and you can highlight and copy it from there. xx


  4. I have had similar things happen, but always found the post. Boom! They’d be gone, but always found them. You already looked in your drafts. That’s the first place I would look.

    Did you attempt to change the date at all? I tried scheduling a post recently, but it was before the year change and the post went waay back to the early part of January 2012! Try doing a search on your All Posts page for “Daily Challenge” along with a few unique words from that post and see if you can find it. There is slight hope it is not totally lost.


    • Kim…You are amazing…..I went to the bottom of the screen and looked at Draft Revisions…and selected the oldest one ant there it was minus the latest few sentences which I expected if it was found….I restored it …wasn’t sure if I’d get it back to the post page…so I copied and pasted it….

      I’ve learned so much the last couple of days and places to look when there is a problem….I’m going to post a short blog to help others that this has happened to…Now that’s only if it was saved at some point as a draft…but if not the searching for ALL Posts may be the key…Wow…thank you so much

      I’m not even sure the post was such an amazing post but I will anyway after all of this happened……Diane


    • I just felt like ….this didn’t just happen…it will come back and I literally I think had my mouth opened when I realized it wasn’t going to…

      How much worse for you when it is something you must re-write…no choice….Dianec


  5. That just happened to me! My advice, and something I did immediately, start typing your blog inside of Microsoft Word or similar software that way it won’t happen! Copy in paste the entire text out of MSW into your blog!


  6. Thanks….I’ll try and remember about the revisions..I did look at the ‘undo’ icon and it wasn’t available for me to click on it…..I like the WP spirits thing and not sharing….not nice!…..Learn something new every day it seems….Diane


  7. oh Diane that stinks I am sorry and yes it has happened to many of us… you might try to go back in and look at the bottom – where it lists revisions and click on the last one..or for the future what I have been lucky enough to do if I have the presence of mind to think before panicing – click the undo button..in the toolbar the arrow pointing to the left? You probably know it just .in case you dont – so when that happens #1 click the back arrow – if it doesn;t come back t probably wont in the way you last saw it…next scroll down to the revisions and click the most recent.. if those don;t work yea sorry to say you wrote a post to the WP spirits – and they don’t share after consuming one :-/ sounds to me, patience tested or no you are learning some new things and that means growing and pretty soon – you will be the one answering the questions 🙂


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