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Prompt: What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it.

Wally and Diane Jesse's wedding Oct 6 2012Well, thinking long and hard, I have to say my husband is my favorite person. Living together with a person for the number of years we’ve been together can only mean that you ‘must like each other’. That’s not quite strong enough but liking a person as well as loving them is I think really important.
We have not really had a lot of time spent apart during our 49…going on 50 years of marriage. We’ve never taken separate vacations or separately been away for long periods of time.
In 2011 however, I did go and spend a week with a dear friend who I’ll refer to as ‘C’….. who I did work with for a couple of years. While we were not that close personally during those years, we reconnected on Facebook after 19 years in 2010 and had many conversations online, and found that we had a lot in common.  There were some differences in that she had been married but divorced, and her ex-husband had recently passed away from Multiple Sclerosis….which incidentally I have but he was severely disabled and eventually succumbed to it. We had in common the fact that we had to leave work on disability, had some medical issues the same as well as having suffered from depression and we were both Christians.
So finally after some telephone calls she invited me to go and visit her for a week. My husband drove me there which was about 4 hours away as he didn’t want me to have to go through the process of taking two or three modes of transportation which I would have to do.  That was a lot of driving and because of having M.S. I would not drive that distance having the fatigue factor and also my reaction time etc.
When he left me at C’s house, it felt somewhat unnerving, as I knew it would be a week before I saw him again. At this point I should tell you that ‘W’ (my husband) was also my protector, my advocate and caregiver when I was in the depression periods of my life. I relied on him heavily and not only for that but I must say that when I was raised it was somewhat dysfunctional growing up. I counted on my mother for care giving and for support in my life and when I got married my husband took over where my mother left off. I did not have a lot of confidence in myself.
As it turned out I had a wonderful time with C and we ‘girl’  talked and talked and talked. We laughed and reminisced and had a really wonderful time. As each day passed however I would wonder what ‘W’ was doing and toward the end of the week I began to get somewhat restless.
The day came when he was to pick me up…another 4 hour drive there and then back. He never made me feel guilty about this as it was his idea and he really insisted.
Getting ready to go home I liken to being on a vacation and while you enjoy yourself immensely, you are nevertheless by the end of it looking so forward to getting home again to familiar surroundings and back to the usual daily routine of your life.
And so I said my good-byes to my friend, making plans for her to visit us the next time….and then I began the 4 hour drive home with my ‘favorite person’.

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