Very Short Question to Fellow Bloggers

Can someone out there tell me how to do a proper link to another site.

I’ve been doing it within my blogs….like so… I go to the site and ‘copy’ it. Then I come to my post to where I want to put the link and I highlight the word ‘before’ where I want to place the link. Then I go to the icon that looks like a bar bell and click on it…and I paste the link in there and click Link….then I have to come back to the highlighted word and beside it ‘paste’ the url again.

But I know there must be an easier way as I see bloggers linking without it being attached to another word.

I can’t even use the way that I do in my Title of my Blog. I paste the url in there but can’t attach it to a word so while the link  shows up it won’t take the reader to that url…

Well…I’ve checked Word Press Support and I can’t seem very easily to find the answer or even where to ask the question. I am just appealing to someone to ‘simply’ because alas I am computer ‘slow’ to please explain how to do it…Thanks in advance…Diane

24 thoughts on “Very Short Question to Fellow Bloggers

  1. I’m a bit confused as to what you are asking so I’ll just put down how I do links. I don’t think you can do your own links in the title bar at all – that’s automatically a link of it’s own, i.e. the actual URL of that post.

    When you write a post, assuming you are in ‘Visual’ editor.
    – when I want to link to somewhere, I will highlight the word I want to be the link, then click on the chain icon. Paste the link into the top box that comes up, click okay, and it will automatically become a hyperlink, you should not have to do anything else. That link won’t work for you if you try to test it while you are in the editor, but it should work in your preview.

    If when you write a post you do it in the ‘text’ editor (or if you want to leave a link in someone’s comments for eg.)
    this is what you write: (change the square brackets for those angled brackets – the lesser than/greater than signs – if I write them in here they will dissappear!)

    [a href=””] the text you want to link [/a]

    hope that makes sense?


    • Okay Fiona your turn ….I get you as far as pasting the url into the top box but I don’t get an ‘okay’.(and you say it automatically becomes a hyperlink?? ..I get at the bottom the word ‘link’ so I click it but then have to go to the highlighted word and paste again . And the word beside it that I highlighted remains with the url. Some bloggers have a link to a URL without any other word beside it. That’s what I don’t understand.

      The second part of what you’ve said about linking in another persons comments eg…I’m not getting about brackets. I think you’re talking about writing in text but I think I’m lost in that…but don’t worry I don’t do text…because simply I never have and WP says you have to know what you’re doing …and guess what ‘my little gray cells aren’t working too well in that regard’ …Boy am I ever feeling lacking in comprehension right now…I’ll blame it on the M.S. lol Diane


      • I think I get what’s happening now. YOU ARE DOING IT RIGHT! but I promise you, you do not need to go and then insert the link again. Because it WILL work – it just will not work while you are in your editor. If you go over to where you click ‘publish’ and click ‘preview’ (usually just above publish, doesn’t publish it, just shows you what it will look like so far) you will be able to click on that link in the preview and it will take you where you want to go. It just won’t work in your editor.


  2. I think the above commenter explained how I do it. But I did search for a support page if images help you. I know sometimes I need to see something to “get it”. It doesn’t mention it, but continue your practice of copying the link to the site you want.

    I have had the same issue where everything highlights, but I tend to use the “text” editor to change that.


    • Thanks for the wp link..I looked at it but not sure if I still understand.

      But what do you do to fix it in ‘text’?

      I said to another helper…I really am asking ‘patience’ of all of you…Diane



        This link points to the Visual editor tab. I often use the “visual” editor, but sometimes it does strange things, like continuing to highlight all I type after a linked phrase. Or double space every time I hit Enter. For lists, that’s not good. The Text editor used to be called the HTML editor. It’s where you see the code.

        Sorry about the second link, but it is a page that shows you the code for creating links. If you wish to save this page and copy/past it into your text editor when you need to link to something, it should work. You would just need to insert the correct link and then the name of the site..
        Just scroll down to where it says HTML Link Syntax.


        • Hi Kim… I just got your msg ..for some reason it was pending…I’ve bookmarked both the links you sent and am going to read them …but I wanted to say thanks for helping ….Read my EPILOGUE on this post and it will help you to know some of what’s been going on…The more I read the more I’ll understand….Thanks again Diane


      • I wondered if putting two links would have put that comment in pending.

        You seem to be doing well on the patience, at least from what I am reading on your blog.


  3. I have no idea what you are doing … but I do it this way:
    I highlight the word, or words, click on the little symbol that looks like a chain insert the url of what i am linking it to and click insert. Now sometimes it will then link everything I type after that so I just mark that and click on the symbol beside it, the un-chained symbol. Does that help


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