Thank You !!! Short post

Thank you to all who finally made a group effort to help me understand how the link process works….I FINALLY GET IT!

It is kind of coincidental that my last post was about patience  and how many of you had so much for me….

Note… I did it in this post so here’s hoping it works.

OOPS…Just looked and it didn’t …Have to try again….and again and again….this is weird.….

This is something else …. I have now accomplished two different ways of doing the links  but the second way   using no word where I went to URL and right clicked and got ‘copy’ and the double clicked on the word copy and got ‘link to site’ …then went to blog and right clicked and pasted ……worked finally two times in a row but I spent several times doing it and when clicked on in the blog…it took me to ‘not found’. I don’t know why the heck it has finally worked and why it didn’t the MANY times I tried before…

It has confused me totally but I will hope in future times of trying it will work….I thank each of you for bearing with me… I will try in case you don’t see this EPILOGUE….to contact you and tell you myself… Diane



11 thoughts on “Thank You !!! Short post

  1. Worked great – you did a good job. 🙂 I never had much patience, still don’t! But for some strange reason I do with computers, I will sit and sit and try to figure out all the little details of a computer. I always say just play around until you figure it out and it always helps to have wonderful friends to help you figure it out. Blessings _ Patty


  2. All three links worked for me. 🙂 I think you will get the hang of it after awhile. To me, posting images on the side bars is a bit of a challenge and it looks like you have that down pat!

    It is late for me, too and we are going on a long day trip tomorrow, so must get ready for bed..
    God bless you.


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