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Prompt: Do you have a favorite quote that you return to again and again? What is it, and why does it move you?

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Photo courtesy of
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I have a few quotes that I say on a regular basis but even my husband agreed that probably the one I use the most is “Patience is a Virtue”.

There are so many times in life where patience is not only a good attitude but necessary to ‘keep on keeping on’….in other words ‘perseverance’.

As far as it helping in day-to-day life it helps while waiting in a lineup at a grocery store or department store or in stopped traffic on the road or highway you are traveling. This is the reason my husband agreed on this phrase because these are two examples of when he doesn’t have patience. I guess that I say this to him and ‘again’ remind him that he has no control over the situation so what is the purpose in getting uptight about it. Either they will call more cashiers to handle the volume of people waiting or they won’t and the traffic will once again start moving or it won’t! It just is what it is and being impatient does not make one bit of difference.

Sometimes patience is needed when we are waiting for an answer to whether or not we got accepted for a new job, or admission into the college of our choice, or whether we get that phone call we are waiting for. There are numerous times in our lives where having patience is not only beneficial but necessary.

Patience is necessary when someone you love is in distress. I had a brother who was an alcoholic and would call me often when he was ‘under the influence’. I would listen as he rambled on about various reasons why he drank and one of those reasons being that he was an alcoholic and he was the same as his father…no good etc. etc. I would listen to him and of course try to encourage him that he was not ‘his father’. I would try to tell him that drinking was just depressing him more and making him think of all the ways he was thinking negative about everything in his life.  This went on for a number of years and during these years and telephone calls and visits, I would also pray for him as I do believe in the power of prayer. But I required patience to not only listen to him time after time when some had given up on him, but to believe that some day this patience would bear fruit. And it finally did. One day he decided he would stop. He decided to pour the last of what he had in the apartment down the drain and never touched another drop.  He was sober for the last ten years of his life and even moved closer to where we lived. Our relationship was wonderful for those years .

In some people’s lives it is because of some kind of crisis in their life such as getting well when they are ill physically, or as an example of which I have had experience…depression. Patience’ and the next phase being perseverance is not only a good thing but a necessary ‘virtue’.

After all the medication and therapy and in some people’s lives praying,  one needs to exhibit patience in order to go on, believing that some day they will be well….some day they will feel like life is worth living again….some day they will want to be around people again….some day they will see sunshine instead of darkness…

SOME DAY they will look back at the darkness they were encompassed about and will be able to say ….I am free….as I have.

10 thoughts on “DP Challenge http://dailypost.wordpress.com/ Quote Me

  1. Grant me patience Lord – but hurry! My mom had a plaque in her kitchen taht said Mother’s Prayer..Those with patience have the ability – I was going to say opportunity but everyone has th opportunity to see more of life than non patient – enjoy the moments as we wait instead of getting in a knot and focusing only on the desired outcome. Patience I think is definately needed to get through depression – and the next round and the next round…I like your quote


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