Memory of Another New Year’s Eve

Jeff's Baby PictureTonight as I sit here I remember a New Year’s Eve 47 years ago as I had just given birth to our second child…a son weighing 8 lbs. 2 oz.

He was expected to arrive December 27, 1965 but decided to wait until the 31st. My husband, mother, our 16 month old firstborn and I, had been out grocery shopping and decided to have supper with my Mom. We had lived in the west end of the city and the hospital my obstetrician worked out of was in the east end and so went to spend New Year’s Eve with my mother,  and as I said went out to shop.

Shortly after getting back to Mom’s apartment I started having labour pains and so-called the doctor. My husband was in the middle of helping my mother prepare supper and he will never hear the end of me telling the story of how he had to finish his supper before taking me to the hospital. I will say that he did eat fast, but he didn’t want to miss his steak dinner. This would have been around 6 pm and we  arrived at the hospital around 7pm though my memory fails me right now as to the exact time. It was a bit of a blur!

Back in those years, the husband was not even allowed in the labour room at all, so we said our good-byes at the check-in desk. There were two other women there also awaiting the delivery of their children.  Each of them had their babies and there was only me left in the room by myself.

The nurses were all secretly hoping as was I, that perhaps I would have the first baby of the New Year but my husband, conscious at the time that the government would give credit for the entire year if I had the child before midnight…..had ‘jokingly’ asked me to have  the baby ‘before’ midnight.

Alas, my husband won out and our second son was born at 10:30 pm in the evening and so no presents for having the first New Year’s baby in the city.

But as each year the celebrations for the new year came, we were celebrating with the family and for our son’s birthday. This became our tradition for many years and while we don’t do it now of course, it is a fond memory for me every year.

Oh dear, here come the tears….tears of joy though!

17 thoughts on “Memory of Another New Year’s Eve

  1. It is this time of year, that most of us do stop and think back at the previous year, or years, that have gone before. ByGod’s grace may we all be able to look back and see faithfulness to the Lord and His will being on display in each of our lives. Lord bless you.


  2. I had a December 30th baby that arrived 5 weeks early, making me miss the January 1st deadline of the start of the new Canadian 1 year maternity leave. Because she wouldn’t wait until she was due, she only had me at home for 6 months.. I keep telling her that’s why she is so independant now. Happy New Year!


    • Ouch….that must have hurt….missing it by 2 days. When I had children we only got a few weeks of Unemployment Insce. benefits if you were working….It’s so good now for new mothers..having that extra time with their baby…. Happy New Year to you also….Diane


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