“To Heal the Broken-Hearted”

I’ve decided to write this post because of a young woman whose blog I have been following for some time, and who needs a touch from our loving God.

She is at the point of the kind of despair where the only way out she perceives might be to take her own life. I know there are many in blogoshphere that can identify with that thought at some point in their lives, myself included.

She is not a Christian but from my understanding has a Jewish heritage while not following any beliefs at this point in her life.  I do not know her name but only her first initial ‘A’. In the times I pray for her I prefer to use a name but it is only one that I chose and that is Abigail. While she does not talk about her beliefs, whatever they may be I do tell her that I am a Christian and that I pray for her, and she does call on God in some of her deepest moments. Lately she has done so only because she hopes that He will take her out of her anguish.

This young woman has some support but because of distance and other factors not a lot is available to her!

‘A’ has several diagnosed mental disorders including Bipolar Disorder and Depression.  She is in a hospital for others with similar or very much worse conditions. This in itself is a barrier to her being able to see any normalcy possible in her future.  Her hospitalization has gone on for three years and she is growing so weary of thinking she will ever be well.

What I am doing with this post is asking those of you who are believers to pray for ‘A’. My faith is premised on the fact that ‘the prayers of righteous availeth much’.praying_hands

In this season of sharing gifts with one another, I would like to share the gift of hope, encouragement, love and most importantly for this young woman….healing!

God’s heart I know is broken because He loves us all so much and he sees the pain in ‘A’s heart, soul and mind.

Normally I would never ask for you to ‘comment’ on a post, but in this case I am going to ask you to do so....keeping in mind that she is not a Christian but that there are those in this huge world of ours that simply care about her and are praying …if you feel led to say that.  I am going to copy and paste these comments to her site, for her to see.

My hope is that she will just feel loved beyond what she could believe…..Thanks ….Diane

Additional Note Dec. 30th..I am going to hold all of the comments made until tomorrow…New Year’s Eve….the day before the beginning of a New Year and ‘new hope’….Diane

25 thoughts on ““To Heal the Broken-Hearted”

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  2. I pray that God will touch her life and heal her heart, and carry her through all the despair and hurt. I pray that she’ll come to know the Lord personally; that He loves and cherishes her, and is always with her, even if it doesn’t feel like it–especially when it doesn’t feel like it. I hope she knows her problems aren’t some kind of punishment, but that God is a god of love, not vengeance, and that she can always trust and rely on Him.


  3. Diane, you are such a beautiful caring soul. I’m praying hard for this girl, I hope she realises how precious she is, that God cherishes her, cries WITH her, and that this too will pass, if she can only just hang on for all she’s worth.
    Love and hugs xxx


  4. I pray for healing of her heart. I hope that through all these words and prayers, which are an outpouring of love, A may be aware of how deserving of love she is, and the fact that God loves her more than she can imagine. He has her in the palm of His hand and all will be well. Fiona x


  5. I know the person you refer to, not personally just through her blogging as we use to read each other’s blogs (I ceased blogging earlier in the year). Like her, I have BPD, and this year has been difficult for me as I struggle to get through 2 years of intense therapy – 4 months left. I cannot imagine what it is like for A to be in hospital for so long.

    In November, I attempted suicide after finding myself in a difficult place, 12 months after my last period of depression although I question if it really ever went away over the last year. I obviously survived much to my surprise given what I took.

    I decided to turn to my religion; I was raised as a Christian and spent the majority of my life attending a church in the North West of the UK, taking part in many of the things children and young adults do in church. After my mum passed away in 2009, I found myself struggling to retain church in my life and when I moved to a different area of town I failed to search for a new church so I could continue, despite not attending church my faith always remained with me, but not always practiced.

    It was only after I survived a serious suicide attempt I consider that ‘someone’ somewhere thought my life was worth living and I started to recall the illness and difficult times my mother experience and how church, her religion, and friends often helped her during difficult periods. I acquired a book called ‘I Want a Christian Psychiatrist’, which helped me realised a little more about my illness, my needs and myself. After the attempt on my life, I was discharged from hospital because there were no beds on the local mental health wards. However, when I started to think about trying again to kill myself, my care co-ordinator located a bed in the hospital and I remained there for two weeks finally persuading my psychiatrist to start me on a mood stabiliser (something I had been asking for, for 8 years!).

    Just before I was admitted to the hospital, I found myself going to my old church to a mid-day service, desperate to talk to the vicar, however I could not get the words out I needed to say, but he offered to pass on my details to the local vicar who covered the churches in my area. ‘She’ phoned the next day and we talked and I promised to attend a service on the Sunday. However I was in the hospital at this point, and I asked my dad to contact her to explain why I could not come. She came to visit me in the hospital and we talked and prayed, and it helped.

    I have now been out the hospital for 12 days, got through Christmas and managed to attend church twice – finally finding a church where I live and being welcomed by the female vicar who came to see me.

    Maybe it is the new medication, but something feels different having ‘God’ back in my life properly, and I sense I am going to get better, and see 2013 as being a more happier year than the past two I have experienced.


    • Hi….I’m so glad you came and visited…You too have had such a struggle it seems…Depression to the point of wanting to take your own life is so destructive.. I know because I too went through many years of it. I believe now that it went on so long because I didn’t get the help that I needed. All the doctors and even psychiatrists gave me medications but didn’t really I believe understand beyond their ‘learned understanding’ what the darkness of depression is really like.

      When I finally moved to a small town and got a Christian and woman doctor who then learned and eventually began treating me with Cognitive Therapy…I know that some have different treatment that works for them. You mention going to church and talking to the Vicar…That is excellent that you can talk to her. If you think you need some other form of help perhaps she even knows of a Christian doctor ….or you could probably even ‘Google’ to find one in your area. I believe the fact that it was finally a Christian doctor was a factor in my eventual healing because I know she prayed for me as well.

      It is too bad that you waited so long before receiving the medication you need to help you get well…and I think some need meds for life if their condition is caused by chemical imbalances in their brain…I am so glad that you feel on the road to recovery…Please keep in touch.
      And I want you to take every encouraging word here on this blog for “A” for yourself as well….as I believe God led you here for this purpose.

      I have written quite a bit about my episodes of depression ..If you ever want to read some of them let me know….Every person’s is different but I believe that God holds on to us when we have acknowledged Him in our life. He held on to me and he will you too…..Diane


      • Thank you for your reply it is much appreciated. I did use to have a ‘Christian Psychiatrist’ I paid privately to see her for almost two years and she was excellent. In fact, when I was under her care, I perhaps had the best two years of my life in terms of mental health and productivity. Sadly, I had to stop seeing her because of the group I am in, the NHS (our free services in the UK) wanted me to have this new therapy ‘Mentalization Based Therapy’ but would not work alongside a private psychiatrist! I took the new therapy after reading about it and deciding it was for me, it has not been a waste of time as I have learnt a lot about myself, although the depression has still lingered. I am arguing with my current psychiatrist that my diagnosis is wrong, for years I have suspected I have Bipolar Disorder – hence me wanting a mood stabiliser. The private psychiatrist treated me for Bipolar Disorder but the NHS Psychiatrists are unable to see past the label a destructive label of BPD!

        I am also suppose to be commencing at university in March to do something I have wanted to do for a long time, I only hope my recent actions and period of depression have not screwed up my chances to do the course I am planning to do (medical related) I guess I shall have to see.

        I actually have missed blogging, but still love to read other people’s blogs and I shall have a look at your older posts.

        God Bless, Ally x


        • Hi again, It is too bad that you had to change doctors…but I do hope that his new medication and program you’re in holds the key to your getting the help you need and getting better and that you get to start the course you need.

          Depression is an illness so I would hope they wouldn’t keep you from doing what you want. At least you have some time between now and March to get stronger. Learning a lot about yourself is a most important key. With me I had a way of ‘demeaning’ myself …putting myself down and not recognizing my worth in life and in God. And it took a lot of work ….doing daily journals to find positive and good things in my life and in myself and talking about them…to regain my life.

          You can read any of my earlier posts that interest you but some are what I call ‘fluff’…Some though related to my depression or reference to it in some way are Jan. 8…The Darkness, Mar 19 How the Other Side Thinks, May 16 Mental Health Awareness, Dec. 27 DP Challenge Immortalized in Stone….There are some others but I thought I’d mention these ones….I’ve been a busy ‘girl’ in 2012…I believe God led me to blogging…(what a word…blogging??).

          You take care and concentrate on getting well and I’m so glad that it looks like you’ve got a good start….Diane


  6. Diane, thank you for bringing this forward. I truly believe that each of our lives has a purpose, and that we touch others in ways we are seemingly unaware. I pray that this young woman will see that her life has some purpose, and that she will find a way out of the darkness to see that she is of a value she never realized. May the responses here show her the kindness and goodness of those around her.


  7. I think this is a beautiful gesture and my heart goes out to ‘A’ in her suffering.
    I know what despair feels like, ‘A’, but it will pass, there is always hope and I will hold you in my heart.


  8. A, darling girl, YOU are loved, regardless of how you feel at this moment! My own sister is bi polar and for most of her life was untreated until her mid 30’s. Now in her mid 40’s, she is married w/2 little boys! A family she didn’t know she’d ever have. She had one thing that I understand that you have not given yourself yet-that is the gift of the Savior, by accepting His life gift to you, the Holy Spirit of God would live w/in you and begin to really help you to heal-to find those ways of healing-just as my own sister did. I know that our God never fails, always shows up, is forever faithful. You can trust Him with everything that you are. He will help you become everything He created you to be–for sure a Spirit filled, happy, embracing the world, person! I will pray for you that you with your own invitation to Him will invite Him in. No magic words-just I need you, I want you to save me. He will do all the rest because He has said He would find all those who seek Him. Do seek Him. I will be praying…


  9. I’m praying and this is what God gave me for her. “He has come to bind the broken hearted and set the captives free.” You can use your discression on what you feel is okay to give her.
    My heart goes out to her.


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