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Prompt: At noon today, take a pause in what you’re doing or thinking about. Make a note of it, and write a post about it later.

At noon today I was speaking with our daughter, her husband and two of our grandsons who live in a little town about an hour from Chicago.

We couldn’t be with them and it is too hard for them to take their boys away from home on Christmas Day. This is the third Christmas they’ve been away since they moved. For the first year they flew home, but now it’s just too much to do every year. My daughter and one of her sons happen to be sick but it’s not stopping them from having a wonderful Christmas Day.

I’m a little nostalgic remembering when our family of two sons and a daughter were small and there was such excitement in the house and in the air.

Nativity SceneWe taught our children what the true meaning of Christmas was, and had a home-made nativity scene built by my husband when they were very young. He only had some plywood lying around and only two colors of paint…black and white, but he made the stable and painted the sides black…well we thought the manger having been for animals could be black. Then we reasoned that although the top of it would likely not be white in Bethlehem….well in Canada with snow on our roofs we could kind of justify painting it white. Then we put glitter on top to shine like the snow sometimes does.  And then we made a star from cardboard and covered it with aluminum foil and put it on the front of the manger. Somewhere we managed to buy some small figurines including the most important person ….the baby Jesus. …Oh and the straw of course! …….We still use the same nativity scene every year.

When the children were small we would go to the early service at church at 7:30 Christmas Eve and then we would go home and each one of us was allowed to open one present.  Then they would go to bed to wonder about the arrival of Santa.

Yes, Santa was part of our celebrations. We are Christians and know what Christmas means, but having grown up with a bit of fantasy included in our tradition…. both my husband and I… we raised our family in the same manner.

That was how we carried on for the years when I children were growing up.

Now, they have their own families and have their own traditions…. and we go to our children’s homes to celebrate. This year we went to one son and his family on Christmas Eve, and then on Christmas Day (today) we went to the other son’s and had Christmas dinner with his family.

Now we’re home and I’m thinking about times gone by and reminiscing a bit…

And we’re thinking that just maybe next year we will drive to Illinois and spend the holidays with our daughter and her family. Now that’s a PLAN!     

Side Note….I’m sitting here writing this after midnight, and watching for the umpteenth time…. ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt http://dailypost.wordpress.com/ High Noon

  1. Thanks for dropping by my place. Is it a Canadian ‘thing’? We too open one present before midnight. My daughters always get their brand new pjs. Even though we all know what’s in the parcel, it’s still exciting! 🙂


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