A Christmas Blessing – Poem

This post is very personal to me…I’ve written a short poem and while I’m certainly not a profound or gifted writer of poetry, it’s what I will offer as the blessing that usually is given before the dinner that we eat on Christmas Day.

The reason that it is so personal is that not everyone present at the meal knows Christ as their personal savior, and it is intended as a ‘seed’ planted that perhaps will then be watered later on by someone and then harvested at the time God purposes… and I know that this will be so because of His love, His grace and His promise that…”Thy and thy household shall be saved”.

I know that the Holy Spirit is at work in the lives of friends, relatives and loved ones when we pray for their Salvation.

So I humbly offer this poem as a Christmas Blessing.

A long time ago the Prophet Isaiah said

Behold the Lord shall give you a sign

A virgin shall bring forth a son

It was the Lord’s design


His name shall be Emmanuel

Which means God with us

And lo the Prophecy came true

And because it’s so we make a fuss


Sometimes though we forget just why

We do the things we do

Trees are lit, Santa and such

And oh the presents too


But let’s remember Christmas Day

And who came to earth and lay

In a manger in a far off land

And only 33 years did stay


His birth ordained by God Himself

For salvation to all who’d believe

A plan so perfect, and full of love

And one that Only He could conceive

6 thoughts on “A Christmas Blessing – Poem

  1. A wonderful retelling of the truth we know. 🙂 I am dropping by quickly to greet you and your family A very Merry Christmas and a blessed new year. I am blessed to have known you. Thank you for the inspiration and the friendship. 🙂


    P.S. One day, I will get caught up with reading your blog. 🙂


    • Imelda…thank you so much for your sentiments…I am grateful to know you also…I would never have imagined that I would meet such a group of wonderful people when I started blogging last November….again….Merry Christmas…Diane


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