How Hard is it to Love Thy Neighbour?

I was thinking today of all the turmoil in our world and thought that if we all just treated each other as we would want to be, it wouldn’t be so difficult to change how the world is today at least in part!

What if we really were concerned about the people who lived next door or on the street where we lived? What if we didn’t just shake our head and think there was nothing WE can do about the fact that their house is in disrepair or the kids look shabby when they walk to school? What if we did something without damaging their pride like anonymously leaving some groceries at their door, or anonymously sending a little cash in their mailbox, or asking if they would like some help with their gardening or snow shoveling?

We also can’t forget our ‘neighbours’ in far off lands. I know it’s a struggle to sometimes keep up with our own needs and expenses, but what if we somehow could put some money in a jar until there was enough to send to a trusted organization that helps those in those people in countries that do not even have the bare necessities. What if we made this a ‘family’ project so that our children were encouraged to put just a little of their allowances or money they have into that jar as well.

Let’s think now about teaching our children how to befriend those of their class at school that don’t have a friend, maybe because they are not like everyone else….maybe they don’t have designer jeans, maybe they are overweight or shy or don’t have I phones or some other reason. Perhaps their home life is not as it should be…even abuse.  Let’s teach them when they are young about ‘bullying’ and why it is an awful thing to do to someone…and what to do if they are the one being bullied. If we get them early in their lives it is much easier to reach them.

Okay, now we can tackle the workplace. It’s easy to get caught up with the close friends that we have there and not notice how one person seems to sit by themselves when it’s breaktime or lunchtime. We may think they prefer that, so we ignore them. But let’s think differently….let’s think that they just don’t know how to approach those that seem to group together and they feel like they’re intruding, or will be thought of that way if they try to join them. Let’s invite them to join us, and get to know them. And if they’re hesitant to do so, we can try again and not write them off as not wanting to come.

What about those we come in contact with every day or week and who maybe just need a kind word from us such as the busy cashier in a grocery store or mall. Let’s remember they meet so many people every day and some are impatient and don’t treat them very nice.  A smile and a kind word or comment can go a long way in changing their day.

Last but not least let’s think about those in our own family. Let’s not allow incidents that occur in every family, to separate us by distance or by emotions. We need to talk through these disagreements or misunderstandings as families are one of the strongest bond we have in life. I’m not talking of serious issues that sometimes occur within families such as abuse …either physical or mental….I’m talking about general incidents.

There are other places of course to try to make the world a better place for others such as the Church and even the Blogosphere but the point is that we can make a difference.

So, I ask you… “How hard is it to love thy Neighbour? Maybe not all that hard!

11 thoughts on “How Hard is it to Love Thy Neighbour?

  1. School districts that have the means to offer hearing children an extracurricular
    course in sign language can help to foster communication and friendships for students with
    hearing difficulties. Listening is about a person’s conscious effort to hear and process what the speaker says.
    Learning ASL can benefit those who are hearing impaired as well as students who can hear because speaking and signing instruction better addresses the learning styles of visual, kinesthetic, and auditory learners.

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  2. Reblogged this on hometogo232 and commented:

    At church this past Sunday the message was about who exactly is our neighbour.. and that it was not just who we lived beside… but even those the other side of the world. I had written this a few years back and thought I would reblog it. The speaker was incidentally from World Vision. ………. Diane

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