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Prompt: Write a letter to your mom. Tell her something you’ve always wanted to say, but haven’t been able to.

Dear Mom,

Mom and I on my Wedding Day

Mom and I on my Wedding Day

I don’t think I ever told you how much of an influence you were in my life. I was the last of your children and I watched you as you loved and helped so many of us in so many ways.  Even though you were not rich in the material sense, I noticed when you would get a call from one of your children who were in a financial bind, and yet somehow you would get the money…from where I don’t know except that you probably got a loan to do it.

The times that you would look after my children and others as well, and babysit them for a night or week …whatever was needed. The time you took M.’s 3 children for a year and looked after them because she had problems and couldn’t.

Then there was the two jobs that you worked… the daytime clerical work and then you would go to the Royal York hotel downtown at night checking coats….from 6pm until you would arrive home at 1 am in the My Mommorning. I remember one time when my, and D. my brothers’ 2 goldfish …the only ‘pets’ that we had….were floating in the water , and you changed the water and then proceeded to keep stirring the water and revived them. You did this because you knew how upset my brother D. and I would be if they had died because we had them for such a long time and you did it when you got home at 1 am in the morning, knowing you had to get up at 6 am the next day for work. Do you realize how much we loved you for this?

I recall that whenever one of us was sick even when we were married and left home, you would come over and do whatever you could, whether it was cleaning the house or looking after the kids. When my sister C. was depressed and the doctors suggested a procedure be done on my sister, you were there speaking for her because her husband was out-of-town, and she needed an advocate.

How you taught our children about nature by taking them for walks when we would visit you at your home where there was trees and flowers and trails to investigate. You took them early in the morning so we could sleep in at bit.

There was that trip that you and I took out to British Columbia when I was 16 and it was so beautiful and we had such a great time.

The most important thing I suppose that I would want to say to you is that I am so sorry that we couldn’t continue to look after you when you had the aneurysm and the operation and your health began to decline.  Some of your other children and I wanted to look after you and did as long as we could. The seizures that you occasionally had and your ability to be left alone and the deterioration of your body and mind left us with the decision that you needed to be placed in a nursing home.

You weren’t aware of how difficult it was for us to leave you that day for the first time and every time I went to see you thereafter. You were such a vital person in our lives and many others’.  We were reminded how special you were in putting other people first even after you were living in the home….because you broke your hip trying to catch someone else that was falling, and they fell on you.

I someday thought I would write a book about you and our family. You wouldn’t have know that. Because it’s what I felt about you,  I was going to call it “The Age of Grace’….because that’s how you lived out the rest of your life….under God’s grace and I am sure that you were ministered to during those years by loving ‘Angels’.

And one last thing in case you don’t know….I miss you very much!

Your loving daughter Diane xoxoxoxo

12 thoughts on “DP Challenge http://dailypost.wordpress.com/ Dear Mom

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  2. What a wonderful Mom and what a Loving and appreciative Daughter, thank you for sharing Diane, although sad that I wasn’t Loved by my Birth Mother, I’m very grateful and thankful you were.

    I created a Power point about Moms I will leave the link for you Diane,. although I never held my babies, God has over the years filled my arms and heart with other peoples Children and still does and I have been greatly blessed and known much inner Joy because of them.

    Mom – https://freedomborn.wordpress.com/2012/05/12/a-mothers-love/

    Christian Love in Christ Jesus – Anne


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