DP Challenge http://dailypost.wordpress.com/ My Hero

Prompt: Tell us about your hero.

I really tried to think of someone who had the most impact in my life… and it has to be my husband W.

I say this because I’ve shared almost 50 years with him as his wife and friend and I knew him another few years before being married. So that’s a lot of time, and within that time sorrows, joy, happiness, contentment and the feeling that this one person has and will do anything that he can to love me, help me, encourage me and to walk with me whatever the world throws at us.

You may know from previous posts that I met this ‘young man’ when I was only 15 years of age, and he was 19….I was only 15!!!  Up until that age my life had not been spent in a way that promoted self-assurance or stability in me.  My mother loved and cared for me and all of her children…but I hadn’t really known security until I met W.

He had grown up with a loving mother but also had the most loving and tender father anyone could ask for. He emulated his father’s manner and therefore believed that it was his role also to be kind, caring and loving. His Mom was an influence as well, but in a different way. She taught him responsibility and for that I thank her as well as his father for helping him be the man he is.

You may think that he sounds like he  is and was perfect but of course no one person is. He has/had his faults and at times we struggled in our marriage….every couple does. But he didn’t give up on us.

And you know what?     He would move heaven and earth if he could, if it meant helping me. Of course God is our main stronghold in the things life gives to deal with,  but in my life here on planet Earth,  I have known that I would be able to count on this one individual…this one human being…this one man to be there for me no matter what.

Now we are not 15 and  19 years of age…we are in our senior years. W. knows that I need more help than maybe another woman/wife ordinarily requires. I’m not just talking about the fact that I have M.S. but he knows that inside of me, is partly still a ‘child’ with insecure tendencies. He knows almost instinctively if I’m in an uncomfortable  situation how to react and help me through or out of it. And I admit that I still do have that part of me, and yet I am in my mid-sixties.

So maybe this post would have been more interesting if there was a more exciting story , but in all honesty there was/is no other person that has impacted my life, than W.

Next year will be half a century that I have been married to him and that is a long time to be able to say to him …and he would make some humorous remark I’m sure….that he is indeed ‘my hero’.

18 thoughts on “DP Challenge http://dailypost.wordpress.com/ My Hero

  1. No, you do not need a different hero or a different story to make this post exciting. Your post about your husband is heartwarming and inspiring. It shows the beauty that loyalty and faith and perseverance does, even when those things do not have showy special effects. :-0


  2. This is beautiful, and this is what the true heros in life are like, often, they don’t prance about in cape and tights, they are working true feats of courage and LOVE all around them. You sound made for each other xxx


  3. Posts that honor someone in such a caring way are the best kind 🙂 How blessed the both of you are to have a love that strong in your lives. Made me smile just reading it 🙂


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