DP Challenge http://dailypost.wordpress.com/ In Memory Of

Prompt: Write your obituary.

Before doing this ‘prompt post’…I first thought that this was either too heavy  or too self-centered to do. But then I thought about it and decided what I would like to be remembered for, and decided to attempt it. Here goes…lets see!



In memory of Diane, loving wife to W. and mother to three children and 8 grandchildren, great-grandmother to one, and sister to nine siblings. Other than God, these people were the focus of her life. There is nothing that she wouldn’t do for those she loved. Her friends were also very special to  her and were an important part of her life.  Diane went through many struggles, but fought to overcome them and succeeded through hope, perseverance , and her faith in the God that created her and was in the midst of all her trials she faced.  She was a woman who believed in trying to be a peacemaker whenever she could, and also tried to use her life in the encouragement of others.  In closing,  if there was one word to describe what she wanted to be remembered for it would be that her emphasis for her life was ‘love’.

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