DP Challenge/Hindsight http://dailypost.wordpress.com/ Re-Write First Post

Prompt:  Now that you’ve got some blogging experience under your belt, re-write your very first post.

Note: A little further explanation is that we are to re-write it in the ‘third person’.  I also should say that my first post was not very interesting, but I wanted to participate in this challenge .

The post below is how I posted it the first time….. Title … “A Little About Me”

Well, here I am writing my first sentence in my first blog. I’m not really sure what I’m doing yet as there a lot of words and phrases I don’t understand but I am hoping I will find out as I go along. I have always thought some day I would write. I discovered quickly enough that it wouldn’t be a book. While I have sometimes dabbled in writing poems certainly not professional..just what was going on in my life at the time.  I am a married woman and have three grown children so have lived a lot in the span of my years. I believe there are a number of people who have lived like I, and have as many stories. I intend to write about anything and everything; from soup to nuts; from trials to triumphs; from the mundane to the serious aspects of my life. For now I will end this, my first blog. I hope that anyone that does wander onto it will be very patient with me.

This is how I will try to re-write in the third person.

Well, she decided to write her first sentence of her first blog.  

She wasn’t too sure of what she was supposed to be doing exactly, as there was a lot to learn in the blogging world with words and phrases that she was not familiar with.  She hoped that as she went along she would learn.

Someday she had hoped that she would write a book but quickly discovered that was beyond her ability. Sometimes she dabbled in poetry but nothing that could be considered anything but amateurish and usually just about what was going on in her life at any particular time.

She is a married woman with three grown children, and considered that she had done a lot of living within her years.  Not that she thought there is not a lot of people who have had similar experiences and must have as many stories as she does.

Her idea of what to include in her blogs is anything and everything from soup to nuts; from trials to triumphs; from the mundane to the serious aspects of her life.

She ended her first blog with the hope that anyone who happened upon her blog would be very patient with her.

6 thoughts on “DP Challenge/Hindsight http://dailypost.wordpress.com/ Re-Write First Post

  1. What a great exercise. It takes a lot of courage to write the first sentence on your first blog! One thing that blogging has really helped me with is my confidence. I used to be so worried about if what I was posting was any good. Now I just figure, it is what it is and tomorrow is another fresh new day to write some else. My new motto is just keep moving forward! Have you found that you’ve gotten more confidence as you’ve gone along?


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